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  1. Bailey10

    SoSH Fantasy EPL 2018-19

    Back again with Lads on Toure.
  2. Bailey10

    USMNT: To Rüssia With Love

    Most galling errors from these final two games, from my admittedly pro-Europe anti-MLS POV, was not starting Cameron and the overall omission of Fabian Johnson. I'm pinning most of the blame here on Arena, and Gulati for hiring him after cutting bait with Klinnsman. These are both players...
  3. Bailey10

    Manchester United 17-18: Dabbing and Billy Dancing

    The physicality and pressing on display were some of the more encouraging signs United have had in the past couple of years. They also showed a potentially lethal counter, with de gea distributing the ball quickly to numerous players with lightning pace (Lukaku/Rashford/Martial/Pogba). Also...
  4. Bailey10

    SOSH EPL 2017-18: Dukes of Hazard

    Back in as Lads on Toure. Looking for redemption after my pitiful title defense last season, during which I figuratively left my baby to die in a baking hot car with the windows up following a less than ideal first half of the season.
  5. Bailey10

    2016-17 Crystal Palace: Dancing to the Championship?

    Marcos Silva must be pretty content right now. Will be wooed by CPFC, Southampton and Watford like a five star NCAA recruit.
  6. Bailey10

    Manchester United 2016-17: Mourinho, Year 1

    Final win was reportedly worth over 50 million pounds. With his deflected game-winner, Pogba covered over half the cost of his transfer fee in one match.
  7. Bailey10

    Dumb question regarding iphone4

    Check the terms of your contract with AT&T. I purchased an iPhone 4 as a part of plan with them a long time ago and was able to have my phoned unlocked for use abroad with other carriers after a certain amount of time that was stated in the contract.
  8. Bailey10

    2016-17 Crystal Palace: Dancing to the Championship?

    Your chairman Mr. Parish is on a roll, Jeff. Looks like Palace are now one of the frontrunners to sign Wilshire on loan.
  9. Bailey10

    SOSH EPL 2017-18: Dukes of Hazard

    Predicting a lot of wildcards this week with Aguero's suspension and the boredom of the international break.
  10. Bailey10

    USMNT: To Rüssia With Love

    With his tiny wage bill? The Liverpool squad is deeper at attacking midfield than Dortmund is, meaning he would likely get more appearances if he stayed in germany (especially with them having a euro competition). I understand that Klopp is a huge fan, but I hope the kid stays at Dortmund...
  11. Bailey10

    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    The second half of the podcast about John Skipper and ESPN was pretty fascinating. Definitely the most candidly BS has spoken on the subject to date.
  12. Bailey10

    PL Week 2- They play on Fridays?

    I bathe in your tears. Feels great to be back to being hated, not pitied.
  13. Bailey10

    PL Week 1 gamethread: it's back!

    Sterling brought down for a PK and everyone's fantasy captain Aguero converts to make it 1-0.
  14. Bailey10

    SOSH EPL 2015/2016 - Let's get it on

    Fantasy Premier League is back! Not sure who created the our SOSH league last season, but whenever that is renewed I assume we can move to a new thread. I plan on mounting a much more vigorous title defense than Leicester this season, so you better bring it boys.
  15. Bailey10

    Euro Quarterfinals Game Thread

    How on earth is it possible that this is the same Giaccherini that stunk it up for almost an entire season with Jozy and co at Sunderland?
  16. Bailey10

    Summer 2016 Transfer Rumors

    I'm over the moon at this signing. I try to catch Dortmund games whenever possible due to their entertaining style of play and Mkhitaryan is such a dynamic attacking player. He has the speed, physicality, skill and work rate to be absolutely lethal on the counter or open play. Through my...
  17. Bailey10

    Summer 2016 Transfer Rumors

    As if it wasn't completely obviously once he switched sponsorships from Nike to Adidas, Zlatan has officially announced that he joining Manchester United. Zlatan's FB.
  18. Bailey10

    Summer 2016 Transfer Rumors

    In news that should make neutrals and Arsenal-haters happy, Jamie Vardy has signed a new contract to REMAIN at Leicester.
  19. Bailey10

    Copa America game thread

    Broken or dislocated left arm. Was just hanging limp at his side in the aerial view.