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  1. Zedia

    Unusual plays

    I also don't understand, they were down by just one and it looked like three runners scored (you just see a batting helmet run by before the camera pans out and the other two score).
  2. Zedia

    Oh for Christ's Sake.....People complaining about the rights and wrongs of end of season trophies

    The end of year banquets and "participation" trophies were awesome as Pop Warner player in the late 70s. You know who didn't get a trophy? All the kids who DIDN'T spend 3 months running laps and scrimmaging for 2 hours every night. A $20 trinket isn't going ruin anybody. Here's an idea -...
  3. Zedia

    NFL: News and transactions

    I THINK (and can't really look right now) the difference is that the old emergency QB didn't have to be on the 53. I think... edit- nah, I'm completely wrong.
  4. Zedia

    Only God Can Judge Judge

    Did my brilliant Simpsons' "shifty-eyed dog" gif get deleted? Man, someone is sensitive. That 100% is not the look of somebody doing something not nefarious.
  5. Zedia

    2023 Pats: Offseason

    I somehow watched 14 minutes of his high school highlights last night.
  6. Zedia

    NFL Schedule Release

    It’s only a little longer from Boston, but it’s 9-10 for the Colts. And add on passport check (I’m sure it’ll be expedited but still). But the real tragedy no one talks about is that I’ll have to walk up at 630 to watch this stupid game.
  7. Zedia

    UDFA Hunting

    Hey dol, merry dol, Tom Bombadillo! Welcome, Fatty Lumpkin!
  8. Zedia

    Pats Round1 Pick #17: CB Christian "The Steal" Gonzalez

    Yeah, again, I think he was just making a joke about the training camp numbers. I don’t know though, Judon is a weird dude. Maybe he thinks he’s the answer to the meaning of life?
  9. Zedia

    Pats Round1 Pick #17: CB Christian "The Steal" Gonzalez

    I think he’s just literally requesting the rookie buy him chicken wings. Unless “wings” is slang for something else. And I think he just means they’re going to give him a shitty number in camp, though I would’ve gone with 68 or something. But 42 is pretty bad.
  10. Zedia

    Logan Mankins, Bill Parcells, and Mike Vrabel named 2023 Patriots HOF Finalists

    Pete Brock? Wow. I was just a kid, but my memory is he was a perfectly average lineman. And everybody loves Mosi, but like 50% of his HoF argument is he had a cool name.
  11. Zedia

    2023 Pats: Offseason

    Not sure if he as a different “source”, but McCourty said that on WEEI a few weeks ago.
  12. Zedia

    2023 Pats: Offseason

    Josh looks bigger than Andy Reid.
  13. Zedia

    2023 Pats: Offseason

    Sorry. I thought someone had thrown the Jack suggestion out there earlier this off season. Too many Joneses.
  14. Zedia

    2023 Pats: Offseason

    I assumed @Saints Rest meant Jack Jones, but I could be mistaken. The small criticism goes for him too anyway.
  15. Zedia

    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    What would Adrian Beltre’s score be? I assume you get 20 points for swinging and missing and falling down, and 100 for freaking out when someone touches your head.
  16. Zedia

    Tim McCarver has passed away

    Fire Joe Morgan probably ruined McCarver for me as an announcer but I did enjoy the “Not So Great Moments in Sports” specials he did for HBO in the 80s. Some of them are on youtube: View:
  17. Zedia

    John Madden has passed away

    Physically, it’s gotta be the Spoonman:
  18. Zedia

    John Madden has passed away

  19. Zedia

    Following Former Patriots

    First thing I thought of was this (second thing was how the hell was he not ruled down?): View: