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    NFL exploring eliminating extra point or make it a 43-yard attempt

      Well, making an on-field action meaningful is the point of the change, so making sure that it would affect most games is kind of the point.  That being said, I think you're overstating the significance of the change.   If we take the 83% chance at face value, that means slightly more than 1 of...
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    Michael Sam could be the first openly gay NFL player

    Disagree on that last part. High motor, high football IQ, and difficult to fit in a traditional system are like the BB draft profile trifecta. He's ranked on the board based on his on field ability and football IQ almost exclusively and if he's available where they have him ranked, they'll pick him.
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    Brady/Manning XV: AFC Championship Game

    They don't address that we lost GRONK and they gained JT either. I like our chances, but this is a pick 'em between the best two teams in the conference. Pretty sweet as a fan.
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    Brady/Manning XV: AFC Championship Game

    Rescheduling the fucking SUPERBOWL when it's being held in one of the most expensive cities in the world as a test run of outdoor northern venues would be a business debacle. That article only has quotes from officials that say they have done their due diligence on potential extreme scenarios...
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    Google buys Nest for 3.2b

      It'd be a captive audience for ads... ;)
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    FCC proposes ending sports television blackout rule

      It's not that blackouts couldn't happen without the FCC, it's that an FCC ruling made blackouts mandatory, at least from what I read in this link. Apparently the motivating factor that Rev alluded to is that leagues that continue to blackout broadcasts would lose antitrust exemption status.      
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    Rookie hazing & bullying: Miami guard Incognito indefinitely suspended

      But if the bold is true they could have reinstated him after four weeks and say their hands are tied by the current CBA. Instead, they practically begged Incognito to sue them (or more accurately, file a grievance with a potential subsequent lawsuit), and he's doing exactly that. That further...
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    Rookie hazing & bullying: Miami guard Incognito indefinitely suspended

      Given the fact that these are private organizations and it's unlikely for the full facts to see the light of day, I think that the actions of those people in the know are particularly meaningful when trying to ascertain how serious and fact-based these allegations are. For me, the most damning...
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    Google Chromecast

      Both. I already have an xbox and ps3 to use netflix/amazon and it lags the systems in quality. Tabcasting as you say is hit or miss and works inconsistently.   It's a great option if you don't have those other systems, probably. I mainly took a flier on it and will use it in the kitchen now...
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    Google Chromecast

    I've been pretty disappointed with my Chromecast. The quality is meh and half of the stuff I want to stream won't work. I'm about to move and will put it on the small kitchen TV for random streams when watching and doing something else, but it's not a really viable main TV stream option yet.
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    Rookie hazing & bullying: Miami guard Incognito indefinitely suspended

      You continue to express incredulity over the fact pattern, and in my opinion from reading your posts, it's because you've either never been emotionally abused, or you lack empathy towards those abused - not in a general sense, but in the specific sense of the word 'empathy', whereby you cannot...
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    Patriots Continue to Acquire the Hell out of WR Austin Collie

    There's little downside and some potential upside if he clicks and stays healthy. Good move.
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    Tracking the Passing Game: 2013

      Agreed, keep up the great work. 
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    No more Pat Patriot uniforms?/Helmet Thread does that help player safety??
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    Google Chromecast

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    Google Chromecast

      Not sure the bold is true from reading through your link and some other materials. Seems like any media content that can be shown in the Chrome browser can be sent to the Chromecast from within the browser, while some services like Netflix and google services don't require the media to be...
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    F$%^ You, Time Warner Cable

      I'm having an issue with my cable now because of a splitter, what should I look for in a high quality splitter? Currently I have a line going into the room with the modem and it's split, one end to the TV, one end to the modem, and both seem to be having signal troubles (sometimes channels...
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    Aaron Hernandez charged with 1st degree murder; released by Patriots

      I understand why it's a point of contention to some extent. I originally interpreted the texts as being bravado as in "holy crap I'm in Aaron Hernandez' posse and I'm hanging out with him!" which made the fact that he was killed 2 minutes later true stone-cold killer stuff. If it was a warning...