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    NFL Schedule Release

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    2023 QB Carousel

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    McCourty retiring

    View: Really well done
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    Tom Brady is retiring

    not to take anything away, but that the Rams offense was basically missing its most important player in Todd Gurley; he played some snaps but was clearly a shell of his healthy self
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    How to improve the WR position

    What about Youtube? Free & auto-embeds. There is also, this also works with this forum, although the free tier only keeps the video for 90 days.
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    2022 Cowboys: The Mike McCarthy Experience continues

    View: #Cowboys DC Dan Quinn informed interested teams that he is staying in Dallas, per sources. Quinn was a top candidate for the #Cardinals’ head coaching job and also interviewed with the #Colts and #Broncos. But his heart is in...
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    Bill O’Brien named Patriots OC Emphasis mine.
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    NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round

    that is textbook DPI
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    NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round

    this post should not go unnoticed
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    NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round

    I am all for not giving the NFL any money, but the stream quality and reliability is drastically different from my experience
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    NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round 20€ for the rest of the season, even less if you want mobile only. it is really good in Europe
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    Patriots' Priorities for the 2023 Season

    this is a common misconception, probably because he is white and not very tall. He's exclusively been a deep threat in the NFL. He had a very underwhelming 185 yards receiving in 15 games last season with Tom Brady throwing to him.
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    Patriots to play in Germany in 2023

    I am from Austria and was looking to go to the Munich game last year, the demand for tickets was about six or seven times the capacity of the stadium. I had no chance, and the secondary market was absolutely insane.
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    Wild Card Weekend game thread

    Shanahan masterclass with 19 pass attempts for Purdy in the first half ...
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    Wild Card Weekend game thread

    apparently there is no holding in the playoffs, just like there was no holding the last few weeks of the regular season
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    Wild Card Weekend game thread

    I think you still want to go first. If you score a touchdown then even though the other team basically gets 4 downs they still need to go the length of the field (unless Nick Folk takes your kickoffs). If you score a field goal the other team will probably not go for it on fourth down once they...