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  1. HakkyNH

    Red Sox in season discussion

    Not to nitpick, but a baseball is about 200 cubic centimeters. So, 16 cc would be 8% of the volume of a baseball. Or, about half a shot of booze.
  2. HakkyNH

    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    Perhaps a modified snake draft, where the first round is based on lottery, and then all rounds 2-7 are the reverse order of first round. I haven't done the math, but this would mitigate some of the large value gaps between first round picks. The next issue would be how the lottery would work...
  3. HakkyNH

    Waffle Taco

    Waffle Taco
  4. HakkyNH

    2016 Colts: Always a Banner Year

    I came here to post this very message. It wouldn't be surprising if the league hires him prior to Feb 5.
  5. HakkyNH

    The Raiders relocation thread (3/27 viva Las Vegas Raiders!!!)

    As an aviation engineer that handles airspace, obstructions, and penetrations to protected surfaces on a daily basis, this naturally piqued my interest. Part 77 of the Federal Aviation Regulations is a giant pain in the ass, and at large commercial service airports like McCarran, it is very...
  6. HakkyNH

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    Not much info at the link, and I didn't see this anywhere else, but the Associated Press says the NFL will investigate Manning:
  7. HakkyNH

    Formula One

    Bump! Season starts tonight, 12:30 AM from Australia. Live on Speedchannel. Lewis Hamilton on pole, and a Pole (Kubica) alongside Hamilton on the front row. Raikkonen had some trouble in qualifying and will start 15th, but his teammate Massa will start 3rd. Alonso also had mechanical...
  8. HakkyNH

    Formula One

    The last race isn't until 10/21, but next week should be chock full of wild rumors, accusations, pettiness amongst teammates, public griping, etc. In other words, a normal week for F1!! :c070: Three guys can win the championship with Hamilton and Alonso having the best shot, and Raikkonen...