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  1. djhb20

    Who was the most disliked Red Sox player acquisition ever? AT THE TIME OF ACQUISITION

    Also dealt Tankersley, who had an infinity ERA in 2003 for the Padres.
  2. djhb20

    Magic Number

    It went to 4 and then 3 today. Thus, 43.
  3. djhb20

    USMNT: To Rüssia With Love

    I mean, I figure a goal.
  4. djhb20

    USMNT: To Rüssia With Love

    What happened? BeIN sports died here on RCN in DC.
  5. djhb20

    Sabathia "Red Sox Weak"

    I'm sure he gave a Headley a mouthful after that bunt in the 7th.
  6. djhb20

    Who is the Sox 2VP?

    And you left out Kenley Jansen, who is the right answer as to the bullpen guy having the best year.
  7. djhb20

    Chris Sale to Boston for Moncada, Kopech, & 2 Prospects

    Why is everyone worried about the bullpen? With Sale, Price and Porcello, we're only going to need one or two relievers most nights. The real point is, though, that Sale bumps 5th starter innings with higher quality and higher quantity. This hopefully takes about 40 innings (say 1 1/3 per...
  8. djhb20

    Porcello wins the Cy Young

    Should be forthcoming. It was just announced on MLBTV.
  9. djhb20

    "Replacing" Ortiz

    Troy Glaus is probably available. I think Ruth and Gehrig are both dead, so we should cross them off the list.
  10. djhb20

    Thank You, David Ortiz

    I'll say this about David Ortiz: Before he came to the Red Sox, a sweep out of the playoffs would've meant heartbreak. Another blown chance to win a World Series. Chances that don't come often and never come through. When the Sox lost last week, my reaction was totally different. It's ok...
  11. djhb20

    October Game Thread

    Showalter is worse in this regard too. He had the same situation before this year - 2-2 at TOR with no save chance on 7/31 and he brought Britton in in the 9th, he pitched two innings, and Baltimore eventually won 6-2 in 12. So he had the exact same situation, used Britton the way should have...
  12. djhb20

    October Game Thread

    Well, the Orioles also scored only 2 runs in 11 innings, so there's plenty of blame to go around. But still...
  13. djhb20

    October Game Thread

    Ha. That's right. I forgot the Red Sox West hired him. Man, that was hilarious.
  14. djhb20

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    This thread needs to be flagged NSFW. The part where it says L: Jimenez (0-1, -.--) is just horrifying. It should be safe to come into a thread not marked NSFW, but I click here and see that. Not cool.
  15. djhb20

    October Game Thread

    This is where I am. You can understand leaving in Pedro. It was a horrible move, but the logic behind it - he's PEDRO MARTINEZ - at least you can see how it might work. My recollection of my mindset during that inning (to the extent it hasn't been wiped away by the ensuing years of awesomeness)...
  16. djhb20

    October Game Thread

    Gibbons asked about it and rightfully wouldnt take the bait. "I'm not gonna get into that."
  17. djhb20

    October Game Thread

    Pedro also wasn't second guessing saving Britton. It's old school basebally to save your closer on the road. At least on MLBN they are rightly ripping the decision.
  18. djhb20

    October Game Thread

    Showalter was pretty pissy about being asked about Britton. Maybe don't make idiotic decisions if you don't want to be questioned about it.
  19. djhb20

    October Game Thread

    Pedro on TBS wondering WTF they didn't walk EE.
  20. djhb20

    October Game Thread

    I'd have fired him when Britton wasn't even warming up in the top of the inning. That was inarguably the worst must win game managing I've ever seen. You can't defend that. If Britton couldn't pitch he shouldn't be in the roster. So unless he got hurt today...