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  1. steveluck7

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    The last stat I saw was 9 for whatever and said to everyone “they’ve actually made 9?” That’s kinda how the whole thing felt
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    So long, Framingham Lou (and other WEEI discussions)

    Welp, since then Celtics decided to not show up, can u really blame WEEI for making the same choice?
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    SoSH Golf, 2023

    We are 5 days out from our North Conway / Bartlett trip. 12 guys. Practice round Friday @ Indian Mound in Ossippee Saturday is our Ryder Cup Day. 27 holes @ Mt. Washington. - 2 teams of 6. 3 9 hole sessions. 18 points available. First team to 9.5 wins. Sunday is our Individual tournament. 18...
  4. steveluck7

    Pats lose 2 days of OTAs for violation of league policy

    I don’t know what other shoe. Based on the Howe report and other reporting I’ve seen / heard. This was an issue of posting “office hours” and that once the team was notified of the infractions / investigation, they cooperated and had no further violations
  5. steveluck7

    Pats lose 2 days of OTAs for violation of league policy

    It seems pretty obvious that this is not punishment for canceling todays OTA. They were docked 2 sessions and only one of them is next week. Todays session is part of the punishment, not the reason for it.
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    2023 PGA Championship--Oak Hill

    When he got the call from Colonial…
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    NFL Schedule Release

    Guys on 98.5 speculating based on what’s already been “confirmed” for other matchups and the week 2 home opener that the Patriots will visit Pittsburgh in week 1. Their biggest assumption there is that the league will give them back to back west coast games so they won’t be out west in week 1
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    Game 4: Celtics@Philly

    Give up the 2 you fuckin idiots
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    2023 PGA Tour

    At this point all I want from him is to start in the majors, captain Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup matches and do what he needs for the next few years to get ready to join the Champions tour. I firmly he can make that tour very relevant and help increase prize pools there. Look at the hype when...
  10. steveluck7

    Toucher and Rich

    The machine keeps rolling. Pulled in record ratings even missing their host for a decent chunk and him playing at less than 100% for most of the time. Thank you for making Toucher & Rich the show with the highest ratings share in Boston morning radio history! Winter 2023 M25-54 Toucher & Rich...
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    SoSH Golf, 2023

    What time? I’ll be dropping my kids off at the school break “camp” at the elementary school right across the street from the 3rd and 4th holes. I’ll take caution
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    First time baseball coach

    Oh yeah, we preach “first step is back”… I’ve also tried a drill where I have them put their glove down and we throw (or hit) a flyball and they literally just focus on running to the spot they think it’ll drop. I figure eliminating the “I have to catch this” component will help them focus on...
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    2023 Masters

    Haha “surely -5 is too far behind.” Ya think?! There’s literally someone in at -8.
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    First time baseball coach

    Kind of a weird question here… Been coaching my older son from Tball and up now into majors (he’s10). Last summer, we coached is 10u all star team. That group played in a few other tournaments over the summer and played together for fall ball. One thing we noticed was that, as an all star team...
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    2022-23 Providence College Hoops: AMPed for a Title Defense

    Isn’t this the real test? If English comes in, has success and leaves in 2 years then is t PC back to (still?) just a low end “major” school? If, OTOH, he comes in, had success and in 2 years passes up on “bigger” (more successful but not necessarily blue blood level) jobs, does PC get elevated...
  16. steveluck7

    2023 College Basketball coaching carousel

    That’s the ultimate “strike while the iron’s hot” move. Let’s not forget, his team didn’t even win the NEC Championship and then pulled the big upset. Like hitting the lottery.
  17. steveluck7

    2022-23 Providence College Hoops: AMPed for a Title Defense

    FWIW, this aligns with stuff I’ve heard from folks I know here in Lil Rhody. different feelings towards NIL $$ were a part of it.
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    2022-23 Providence College Hoops: AMPed for a Title Defense

    Officially official via the PC twitter College President Rev. Kenneth R. Sicard, O.P. and Athletics Director Steve Napolillo have announced that the college will begin a national search for a men’s basketball coach to replace Ed Cooley, who resigned today. He coached the Friars for 12 seasons.
  19. steveluck7

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    For the record, I’ve heard him say a few times recently that his opinion on needing a “WR1” has changed.
  20. steveluck7

    3/13 Celtics @ Rockets

    This broadcast is like the local version of the Manningcast