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  1. kiljiggly

    Pats Sign TE Hunter Henry

    At this point, should we surprised when BB trades up and picks Pitts? I mean, Jonnu has spent some good time in the backfield too.
  2. kiljiggly

    iMessage troubleshooting

    Shot in the dark, but any chance your friend accidentally blocked you? On his phone, if he goes to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts he'll be able to see if that may be the issue.
  3. kiljiggly

    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

      Oh I totally agree, didn't mean to insinuate otherwise.     Maybe to ask another way - has the response been greater than expected, and if so, does it put added pressure/risk on the folks who made this decision?  Or is the sense that this type of response was anticipated and they just need to...
  4. kiljiggly

    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

    The Petition to Keep Don Orsillo is now over 18,000 supporters.  This article notes 2014 viewership was 114,000 per game and declining.   To a layperson, this seems a significant turnout.  For those who'd know better - Is there a different way to interpret this data?   What volume, if any...