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  1. Foxy42

    Jaylen Brown, Year 7

    Brown is a solid third option. I pray he doesn’t get a super max from Boston.
  2. Foxy42

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Brown better not get that super max from Boston. He’s a good number 3, but miles from a 2 on a championship team.
  3. Foxy42

    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    Could have held on for the last shot and instead Tatum takes a terrible shot that turns into a Miami layup. Frustrating.
  4. Foxy42

    Winning At Home is Possible on May 19, 2023

    Van Gundy nails it, ‘a difference in philosophy here. The heat have run doubles all fourth Q at jayson Tatum, while the Celtics have played Jimmy Butler 1 on 1’… YUP
  5. Foxy42

    Winning At Home is Possible on May 19, 2023

    Can’t believe we may have to pay Brown $300Mish
  6. Foxy42

    Round 1 - Florida

    Not sure how we rip Don tonight. I’ve been a longtime detractor, but he gave them everything they needed. Monty on the other hand is a front running MF’er, who melted this series.
  7. Foxy42

    Game 7 NOTHING EASY - Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

    Here at the game the crowd feels horrified in the 2nd intermission. Tight sphincter’s all around.
  8. Foxy42

    What's Different in the Playoffs

    Apparently you aren’t allowed to rotate your goalies in the playoffs….so that’s different…
  9. Foxy42

    Game 6 at Florida---Get the Job Done

    can’t believe swayman didn’t start
  10. Foxy42

    Game 6 at Florida---Get the Job Done

    Hoping to see Swayman tonight. Linus hasn’t had this heavy of a workload all season and has looked good but a little off. Give him a breather and worst case, we have a fresh Ullmark on Sunday.
  11. Foxy42

    Round 1 - Florida

    Hoping for Swayman on Friday. Linus hasn’t looked like his regular season self and hasn’t played this consistently. Get the fresh goalie in and have a fresh Linus if needed for game 7.
  12. Foxy42

    4/25 - G5 vs. Hawks

    Thank god for the Bruins. This team is charmin soft.
  13. Foxy42

    Game 1: Panthers @ Bruins

    Attended w my 11 yo hockey mad son. It seemed like every time I pointed out a play to him it was one of the new guys or coyle. The trade deadline acquisitions were terrific.
  14. Foxy42

    Bs Playoff Roster, Usage

    Same. Pit in my stomach for some reason as it seems like Sweeney and Neely weee kind of fumbling over each other with their non answers.
  15. Foxy42

    3/9 v. Oilers

    Bringing my 11yo who said he wants McDavid to score 6 and the Bruins to win 7-6.
  16. Foxy42

    2/27 @Oilers

    Wow was that fun and nerve wracking and fun…going to be a blast for anyone going to see the rematch at the Garden next week.
  17. Foxy42

    What’s Different About This Year

    My eye test likes Zacha more than Haula, but it would be great to hear an educated view on this.
  18. Foxy42

    Bruins Extend DeBrusk

    I was completely on the wrong side w DeBrusk. I thought he was soft and whiny and needed to suck it up. That may be true, but a coaches job is to get the best out of their talent and Cassidy clearly fell short w DeBrusk. He’s been a joy to watch this season.
  19. Foxy42

    2/14 Another O/U of 1.5 on regular starters

    I rarely post in game threads but WTF is Joe doing sitting on timeouts