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  1. naclone

    Katie Nolan: somebody should make a thread about her

    i stil remember her last super bowl show on FS1 and Pete Schraeger saying at the end "youre going to be a star" as the cameras cut away. its like it was a curse. its the only explanation.
  2. naclone

    2018 NFL Coaching Carousel

    It sucks thst we always lose both our coordinators whenever we win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years.
  3. naclone

    The Fox sports s***show thread (Ken Rosenthal needs a new place to write about baseball)

    I'm growing increasingly curious what the plan for Katie Nolan is. I had expected a fall relaunch with her at the center, but there has been no announcements, publicity or promos to that extent. She's been essentially radio silent other than sharing that she was traveling to Isreal with Kraft...
  4. naclone

    It Comes!

    I'll be there and plan to buy one of portnoy's bozo shirts for the occassion (although I prefer the "Goodell Loves ISIS" tee). I would love it if the stadium was filled with them. A clown out.
  5. naclone

    Celebrating what is

    Just standing in line at a bagel place in queens wearing my Pats knit cap. Jets fan in line behind me taps me on the shoulder and asks, "be honest with me - are guys getting sick of winning yet?" I said, "nah - it still feels pretty great. Not quite the same as in 2001, but it's still way...
  6. naclone

    Celebrating what is

    This is the first segment...
  7. naclone

    Celebrating what is

    I'm trying really really hard to remember the late 90s and making the trip up to foxboro from new york every sunday morning and sitting in that JV aluminum deathtrap hoping and praying Pete and Drew could win enough to get us a home playoff game. It feels like something I read about rather than...
  8. naclone

    2019 Chargers: Home Alone

    welp, that was fun... "Clearly, we miscalculated how the logo would be received, and we’ve taken it out of the rotation."
  9. naclone

    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    He's really got to work on his prompter game. Affleck on deflategate was awesome and Simmons somehow kept himself from over-interupting. Thought he was genuinely great with Barkley. The written pieces are not working.
  10. naclone

    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    Because the alternative was issuing a public apology to Bob Kraft. And that was never, ever, ever going to happen. No matter what. I know some think Kraft should have done more or fought harder, but when he issued that demand, the die was cast. If Roger wasnt already on the path to covering his...
  11. naclone

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Incredibly disingenuous to not even mention the non-stop breathless parade of talking heads they put on-air to drag Brady and New England's legacy through the mud with seemingly no attempts made to clear up or explain what was actually happening. ESPN had a choice: Find the truth or feed the...
  12. naclone

    Sour Gripes- What could have been...

    I remember the prospect of a home playoff game feeling like a divine gift bestowed by the Almighty. And I am not looking forward to a day where our postseason elligibility is once again no longer a given. But the price of success is legacy. And as such the stakes are always higher. And the lows...
  13. naclone

    Sour Gripes- What could have been...

    After the AFC Championship game my wife tried to console me with logic. "They can't win every year." But they can though. That's why it's so maddening. "They can't win every year" is true of 31 teams. It is not true of the Belichick/Brady Patriots. They have been, and are, good enough to win...
  14. naclone

    The Raiders relocation thread (3/27 viva Las Vegas Raiders!!!)

    "There's more than a few people across the street interested in this last play." - AL Michaels on the first LV Raiders SNF broadcast
  15. naclone

    The Pats Injury Watch: Collins & Jones

    Sorry, SOP for Edelman. The implicaion was that it would be routine to check the foot after the game. in other words, "Hey Jules, come down to X-Ray so we can make sure everything's all right." vs "Damn, my foot hurts, I better go get it X-rayed."
  16. naclone

    The Pats Injury Watch: Collins & Jones

    NFL Network saying post-game X-ray would be SOP. FWIW.
  17. naclone

    2015 Colts: Karma Chameleon

    Watching those 3 men talk themselves into this on live TV was mesmerizing.
  18. naclone

    NFL Coaching Changes: Chips a'Hoy

    So is this what Joe Thomas meant by Mangini Part 2? Do we think that means Mangini went into Cleveland with lots of bluster about being part of a dynasty or does he just think New England's coordinators get over-rated? (i guess these things arent mutually exclusive)
  19. naclone

    Let us wail and moan and rend our garments, woe, for Brady is champion.

    i feel i need to point out that the Japanese live action Space Battleship Yamato movie should be avoided. (wave motion gun sequence was legitimately satisfying but everything else was a massive disappointment).