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  1. JohnnyWongs

    Bosmania? The 2022 Winter Transfer Window Thread

    Without a doubt. His presidency ruined a respectable transition to the post-Messi era. The ridiculous waste of funds the Neymar sale handed the team being example #1.
  2. JohnnyWongs

    4/21 Boston at Ottawa -- revenge part 1

    Split a pizza and domestic beer. ETA: That was a reply to DotB's question, of course.
  3. JohnnyWongs

    Pique S**ts on Your Wh*re Mother - Barcelona 2016-2017

    Alves has in fact stated he is leaving Barça, it was reported yesterday. I had not read where he was going to though. The team's official website is also reporting Bartra is headed to Dortmund. The latter is breaking news as of this afternoon...
  4. JohnnyWongs

    Barcelona 2013-2014: When very good is still not good enough

    If it is irrevocable, nobody to FCB.  According to Barça's website, they are appealing.
  5. JohnnyWongs

    December General NHL News

    I thought this article in the Ottawa Sun was a good read.  They interviewed Matt Kassian and Jay Rosehill about the Thornton / Orpik incident.     Also, any guesses which exec had this to say: