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  1. Moosbrugger

    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    “What’s to-day, my fine fellow?” said Scrooge.
  2. Moosbrugger

    Patriots are bringing back the Pat Patriot uniform/helmet

    Woof. Pat Patriot wears the stink of the Sullivans for eternity. I expect the Zombie Jackson 5 to perform at halftime looking like “Thriller” video extras.
  3. Moosbrugger

    New 2022 NFL Coaches ... POLL

    You’d have to be looking for the least bad ownership group. Looking at that group it’s…. Mark Davis?
  4. Moosbrugger

    Week 14 NFL Game Thread

    God, you just hate to see the Steelers get embarrassed on a national broadcast
  5. Moosbrugger

    2021 Semi-Punctual Mathematical Eliminatory

    This is wonderful work. Thank you.
  6. Moosbrugger

    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    Here, let me explain a joke so that all the humor is drained from it. Parent’s corner is about fucking up- and finding relief and humor from the common experience of fucking up as a parent. If your take away is that the bit celebrates poor choices and indifferent parenting, congratulations on...
  7. Moosbrugger

    Favorite Patriots Newcomer (Draft Picks Included)

    Apologies if this distracts from the thread, but I'm curious what people think what will be the bust rate will be from the large, incoming FA group. Because of injuries, fit or money -not all of them are going to work out.
  8. Moosbrugger

    Pats QB Options

    I guess Otto would be the one to ask, but I don't see Jimmy's agent letting him go near the 49ers trading camp. If your guy is preordained to get pulled for a rookie after the bye week, his next contract is going to be a one year prove-it deal with a phantom second year tacked on. This thread...
  9. Moosbrugger

    2020 Pats: You Cam Go Your Own Way

    Clearly. Yet, Belichick preferred a year of “albatross” Brady compared to a green guy. Jimmy G had a year more of reps compared to Stidham when he started a game in AZ.
  10. Moosbrugger

    2020 Pats: You Cam Go Your Own Way

    There’s a reason Belichick was offering one year to Brady rather than two. Stidham isn’t ready.
  11. Moosbrugger

    What Do You Want For This Patriots Season

    I wish I had your emotional maturity. I would love to have Stidham come out of the gate hot so that the other fan bases have a collective "Oh, shit!" moment.
  12. Moosbrugger

    Roenicke on the Hot Seat?

    Man, Sox fans are so negative. Roenicke is unbeaten as a Red Sox manager and people want to dump him.
  13. Moosbrugger

    Stupid Things I Can't Figure Out

    I'm not clever enough to figure out how to send a PM without blasting it site-wide and embarrassing the recipient. I'd appreciate any help.
  14. Moosbrugger

    2019 NFL Week 16 Game Thread

    Chandler Jones is pretty good.
  15. Moosbrugger

    2019 NFL Week 13 Game Thread

    If the Eagles lose to Miami today, I would enjoy that. It would be fun.
  16. Moosbrugger

    Poll: What should MLB do to punish the Astros' sign-stealing?

    I don't think the commissioner's office has an appetite for some of the more drastic menu choices listed here. Besides perhaps one sacrificial lamb to dangle to the public, I think the penalties will be strictly financial.
  17. Moosbrugger

    2019 ALCS - Yankees vs. Astros - General Gamethread

    *snaps open window • ”You... You there lad! What day is it?”
  18. Moosbrugger

    DD fired

    Margot has been addressed. Kopech blew out his arm when called up so he’ll get expensive when and if he recovers. Allen has been traded. Prospect humping is tiresome.