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  1. Looch

    2023 Starting Rotation

    Maybe this will be not as scary as it seems in the moment:
  2. Looch

    Last Day of May -- Reds

    Seriously! If only the Sox could do as consistently impressive and entertaining as what LynnRice75 does.
  3. Looch

    5/25 - Walking Dead

    These are the infrequent euphoric moments that explain why we spend so much time being aggravated watching our teams.
  4. Looch

    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    Since it looks like there will be another game, it’s great to see that Miami has clearly lost their mojo. That can feed on itself as much as Boston regaining its good stuff can, especially going back to Boston. All the talk to come about the 04 Red Sox can only help on both fronts. Shank would...
  5. Looch

    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    These are our Celtics. Keep it going.
  6. Looch

    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    Down by six after shooting like crap is reason for hope. But they have to make shots, including free throws, or it’s going to be over very soon.
  7. Looch

    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    Tatum isn’t looking like someone to have faith in so far. He seems tentative as hell.
  8. Looch

    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    They are competing so far, which wasn’t a given after the last game.
  9. Looch

    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    The shit will hit the fan… Seriously, focused passion and aggression would be really nice to see from the tipoff
  10. Looch

    Cora: Pivetta is going to the bullpen as a multi-inning reliever

    Good. So now actually do your job and throw up zeroes and help the team win.
  11. Looch

    Red Sox sign Kenley Jansen

    Thank goodness because that Contreras stuff was absolute bullshit. The pitcher is supposed to be responsible for making sure the batter has both feet in the box? That ump shouldn’t have been so anal about the rule in the first place but the league had to shut that kind of stuff down fast, as...
  12. Looch

    Rolling Game Thread for the 2023 Yankees

    It looked like he pulled a hammy or something when he caught that short pop up earlier in the inning.
  13. Looch

    Rolling Game Thread for the 2023 Yankees

    There’s going to be a brawl at some point in this series. Boone vs. Schneider will set it in motion.
  14. Looch

    Rolling Game Thread for the 2023 Yankees

    Boone looked his head was going to explode in rage at German, not the umps.
  15. Looch

    5/16 Make War Not Love

    German was just thrown out of the Yankees game for having stuff on his hand. So that’s fun.