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  1. Rusty Gate

    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    Very well put. I had a very similar feeling, but you put it in a way that underscores an even bigger point. It shows how JT makes the leap from All-NBA to All Time Great. That's how All Timers act, and everybody else on the court, including the refs, responds to being in the presence of an All...
  2. Rusty Gate

    The Celtics Offseason

    Focusing primarily on the Boston side wish list. Just throwing out CP3 as someone who may be the type of player I'd like to replace Smart. On further thought, best solution would probably be a younger guy with more of a distributor (not hero ball) point guard mentality. Closer to what Smart used...
  3. Rusty Gate

    The Celtics Offseason

    JB and Tatum are the Big 2. Smart is not part of a Big 3. The Miami series has confirmed that Smart is stupid and not a leader. Despite his obvious positive qualities, his reckless, me-first attitude is a net liability. Their lead guard should be someone like him (defense and distributor first)...
  4. Rusty Gate

    2022-23 Providence College Hoops: AMPed for a Title Defense

    I recognize the 2 SU big men who went on to long NBA careers. But I don't recognize anyone else other than Pitino and Donovan (mostly because of the name on his shirt). I'd like to see the answer key. Are any of the writers well-known? If I had to guess, the guy with glasses holding his chin...
  5. Rusty Gate

    Liverpool 2022/23: We Go Again

    Really for the Toffees board, but so glad that Dyche is in charge for this one. Just the guy to keep the team focused on the task at hand without being distracted by the sweet smell of one week's success.
  6. Rusty Gate

    Tony Romo: A Place for Ribbing & Word Salad

    I agree with this post entirely except that Nantz deserves way more of the blame. The other top play by play guys make the analyst shine by playing to their strengths and engaging interestingly with them. Nantz is too egotistical to do that. He seems to be just waiting for the moment to slip in...
  7. Rusty Gate

    Green Fields of the Mind

    Appropriate intro to my User Name. Watching a spring '78 game against KC from behind first base with a bunch of law school friends. Late innings, several beers into a pleasant hazy feeling, I watched Bailey try to catch up with Hrabosky high heat. As he swung and missed at strike 3, I blurted...
  8. Rusty Gate

    2022-23 SoSH FPL: SJH, it’s time

    Invited 2 friends in using the Code posted by Swiftlaw below. Apparently that Code only works for head-to-head. Is there a separate Code for main league? OK if I give it to them?
  9. Rusty Gate

    2022-23 SoSH FPL: SJH, it’s time

    In both classic and head to head leagues as Lightfoot Gordon.
  10. Rusty Gate

    The Arms (Errr, Legs) Race: 2022 Summer Transfer Window

    Can we skim off a little bit of Chelsea's excess while we still have Frank? Pulisic>Traore.
  11. Rusty Gate

    Footy broadcasting - What do we have?

    Don't remember ever reading a comments section about a sportscaster like that. Dozens of positive reviews without a single negative comment. I agree.
  12. Rusty Gate

    What's the point? Celtics guard gap and offseason options.

    If Rubio has anything left, he seems like the perfect fit. He definitely has the defensive know-how to play in an aggressive, switching defense. He also would be able to work himself into shape over the regular season, and if he returns to anything close to his former self, he can be 20-25 mpg...
  13. Rusty Gate

    The Arms (Errr, Legs) Race: 2022 Summer Transfer Window

    Why settle for one Michael Keane when you can have two?
  14. Rusty Gate

    5 vs 8: Where we discuss the quality (or lack thereof) of NBA Playoff Officiating

    They couldof/shouldof T'd up Draymond the second time. That wouldof changed the game.
  15. Rusty Gate

    Vote how bad a decision did Butler make by shooting?

    Down 1 clearly the drive to the basket to take the lead. Down 2 the wide open pull up three is the better choice. It puts the Heat ahead if it goes. It extends the game on a miss. The score on the drive ties it up and gives the Celtics the last shot to win it. The and 1 is low probability. It's...
  16. Rusty Gate

    2022 HOF Candidates: Ortiz and Papelbon First Time on Ballot

    I'll date myself. "It's not what you say that counts, it's what You Don't Say."
  17. Rusty Gate

    Let's Predict the 2022 Red Sox Season

    91-71 -Team leader in Wins? Houck -Team leader in Saves? Sawamura -Team leader in ERA (qualifying)? Sale -Team leader for Batting Average (qualifying)? Story -Team leader in HR? Devers -Team leader in Steals? Story -Team leader in HBP? Devers -Player who plays the majority of 1B games after the...
  18. Rusty Gate

    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    I believe that tonight's match will be on CBS Sports Network which is part of my cable package.
  19. Rusty Gate

    NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round game thread

    Ridiculous rule on the no catch. The little bobble was small adjustment while in control.
  20. Rusty Gate

    GW 9

    Why didn't the half end on the save of the penalty kick as in a penalty shootout? The extra time was extended beyond 2 minutes to allow for the VAR review.