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    2021 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    It is all hypothetical anyway, but Durant's shot was not at 0 either. The Bucks had a timeout with about a second to play, and Giannis missed a short jumper. Assuming the couple of inches does not effect the shot(I do not remember how clean it was on the rim) do they run a different play for...
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    So if Kemba is "good", whats that Make Evan?

    EF has shot poorly since Covid. EF shot well for his entire career pre-Covid. EF shot great the two games before Covid. +- does not mean much on a per game basis, but EF has a positive +- in every game post-Covid, even with his poor shooting. This lines up with the prior comment about gravity...
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    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    Summer basketball starting up next week in NS. 10 person practices and scrimmages only, 4x4 with two coaches. No parents allowed on gym premises. Not full games, but at least there will be something going forward.
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    The Last Dance

    Not that it really mattered with that team, but Mullin's versatility and shooting at the wing probably fit in better with whatever lineup was on the floor. I assume it is Stockton as well, but I am just having trouble getting to worked up with the "snub" argument regarding losing a spot to...
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    The Last Dance

    Implicit in all of the Isiah discussion is that he was snubbed. For those who think he should have been on the team, whose place should he have taken, with the understanding that there was always going to be a college player, and he was never going to take Bird's (largely ceremonial) place?
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    The Last Dance

    This also shows that Stockton is vastly underrated by those who say he took Isiah's Dream Team spot.
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    The Last Dance

    I am not sure what this is proving, except for that there is less parity in the NBA. If do not limit it to goalies, it is not that different in the NHL, where Gretzky Messier Roy Lemieux Brodeur Yzerman Hull Hasek Crosby Kane Quick have won 28 of the last 35 titles. If you add Mike Bossy's...
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    The other night I was watching the Kobe-centric TNT broadcast of the Celtics game with my daughter. After a while she just sadly said, to no one in particular, "This is why guys always get away with it" and walked out of the room. This is a strong, smart, athletic, confident 17 yr old, and I...
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    2019 NFL Week 11 Game Thread

    I think the most likely outcome is a four game suspension for Garrett, one game for Pouncey, and a fine for Rudolph. The Browns will argue that Garrett's actions were all reactive( Rudolph tried to rip his helmet off first, Garrett was passively being led away before Rudolph charged again...
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    Celtics 2019-2020 depth chart and roster

    Regarding the Romeo pick, Tyler Herro was interviewed on one of the Dan Le Batard adjacent podcast and casually mentioned that he did not expect to be picked by Miami. He was told by his agent that Miami was not picking him, and he was going to be picked at 14. He was only aware of Miami's...
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    THAT Parent

    I do not understand the level of support the OP has received here. I have coached Rec baseball and basketball from u8 to u18, and there is simply no excuse to sticking a kid in the outfield for the season at U10. LTAD guidelines for this age group explicitly recommend all kids get experience in...
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    The Butler Did It

    Is he a clear, no doubt, top 20 player? Even ignoring contract and future production, who would each team refuse to trade for Butler straight up? These teams probably have no players that are currently equal or better than Butler - Clippers, Suns, Kings, Hawks, Heat, Magic, Mavs, Memphis...
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    The Lakers Reality Show

    I am interested to know which teams the consensus feels will be beaten out for the playoffs in the West this year. It seems like many are projecting 50 wins and an automatic playoff berth for this team, and that may well be correct( I mean, it is Lebron). That said, last year only GS and...
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    Jurassic World 3: Where the Dinosaurs have Quad Injuries and Hate Their Shoe Deals

    If the Lakers are the only team he wants to play for, how much leverage does Leonard actually have in this situation? He is under contract for this year, but the Lakers have cap space for this year. Part of the appeal of the Lakers to a PG/LeBron/Paul would be signing the second established star...
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    2017-18 NBA Regular Season Game/Observation Thread

    I am having difficulty understanding how this win is a significant step for Cleveland? They scored 132, shot over 60% from the field( and from 3),Lebron basically played a perfect game and they only won by 3 at home. If anything, it illustrated that their offense has to be perfect in order to...
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    IT to Denver

    IT (0) and Lopez (+7) were the only Lakers without a negative +/-. Not sure IT was entirely to blame for the 130 in this case.
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    2017 MLB HOF ballot released

    NFL HOF Warren Moon was on a Canadian sports/talk show earlier this week, and during a discussion about steroids, he casually mentioned that he (of course) knew many players who used steroids, and that he knew multiple current MLB Hall of Fame members who used steroids. As with most sport/talk...
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    2017 MLB HOF ballot released

    Am I missing something? Why would liberals scream at that ballot?
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    All-tall vs All-short teams

    David Thompson may be a good choice for the short team small forward position.  He was listed at 6'4, but that is really being generous.
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    Head Coach v. Assistant Coach (Youth Basketball)

    I should probably also point out that I live in an extreme hockey area, so from a parental intensity level the stakes for basketball are comparatively low.