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  1. semsox

    Deadspin defectors debut

    Interesting write-up of Defector on the Columbia Journalism Review: A snippet:
  2. semsox

    5/20 Who Are the San Diego Padres?

    Ooof, that's a really nice play to steal a 2B
  3. semsox

    2023 NCAA Womens basketball tournament

    Encouraging first quarter for Iowa. It was definitely going to be an uphill climb coming into this game, but that 1Q is alot like what an Iowa W would look like.
  4. semsox

    2020-23 College Hockey thread

    Will be attending the Cornell-BU game tomorrow in Manchester, which should be fun. Also, holy hell, I was not prepared for these shorelines in todays games. 8-1, 8-0, 5-0, 11-1. Big Ten looking very big indeed
  5. semsox

    Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs vs Eagles in Glendale

    They had reset the game clock to 6 seconds prior to the last play. Is it crazy to think they would have been better off trying to get a chunk of yards and then going for a long FG? If that is the extent of what Hurts can muster on a Hail Mary, hard not to think a 20-25 yard out would have been a...
  6. semsox

    NFL Playoffs - Championship Round

    This take seems incongruous with the conversion to Chase on 4th down that set up the tying score.
  7. semsox

    Wild Card Weekend game thread

    Hard to watch with throws like that
  8. semsox

    Wild Card Weekend game thread

    Was the TB defense this bad all season?
  9. semsox

    Deadspin defectors debut

    On the less sport-specific side, as a Great British Bake-off viewer, I've been enjoying Chris and Kelsey's attempts to recreate the technical challenges
  10. semsox

    Week 8 Gamethread

    That's an outrageous catch. Holy cow
  11. semsox

    Phillies vs. Padres NLCS Thread

    Fun game this
  12. semsox

    Phillies vs. Padres NLCS Thread

    Damn I miss Schwarber, but glad he gets a chance to play in some meaningful games
  13. semsox

    2022 Tennis

    Giri Nathan wrote an excellent farewell piece over at Defector:
  14. semsox

    The Ringer

    Very much agree about the Cora interview. I don't go out of my way to listen to manager interviews, so was somewhat surprised at the candor from Cora on many of the topics. Great interview.
  15. semsox

    2022 Tennis

    Count me down for also thinking Alcaraz gets to double digit slams. For as impressive as his physical gifts, he's the one young player I can remember since the big 3 established themselves to show the mental game that they all have. I had 0 doubt he was going to beat Ruud today.
  16. semsox

    Allez! The 2022 Pro Cycling Thread

    What a stage today!
  17. semsox

    Allez! The 2022 Pro Cycling Thread

    Still early, but felt like today's stage offered one answer to StupendousMan's big question, and the answer was a resounding "no".
  18. semsox

    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Went to the game today. Proud of how Cornell finished the game against an all-time great MD team.