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    Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Or, let's make some money for charity)

    I know everybody has their own favorites amongst charities they either actively participate in, raise money for, or support through contributions, but is there a way this could be extended throughout the season through side bets? There must be more that our collective fandom can do than $1,000*...
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    Sign Elvis
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    Hunter Renfroe traded to Brewers for JBJ and 2 prospects

    This is brilliant. Selling high on Renfroe and gaining legit prospects. Nevermind my nostalgia, JBJ is our best defensive outfielder in 22. Granted he's best employed as a 4th outfielder, maybe Kike's versatility comes into play? The off-season will go on for a while.
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    What's going on with Rodriguez?

    5/100. He'll get better offers outside Boston
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    Red Sox acquire Kyle Schwarber

    Someone can correct me if this is wrong, but I don't think you get a compensation pick for guys acquired in season anymore.
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    Michael Chavis traded for Austin Davis

    I was at "The Freddy Sanchez Game"! We were definitely eating it up. Sat in the bleachers right behind the visitor's bullpen. Astros pen was loaded that year. Said what's up to Octavia Dotel in my best high school Spanish. Think DLowe started that day, which would explain why Freddy had so many...
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    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    Fair enough. This is a JBJ appreciation thread. Call me sentimental, but it shouldn't be polluted with anything else.
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    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    This is out of bounds, Lose. Red Sox board is red sox. Having lurked these discussions from inception, I don't believe involvement with other boards should be an expectation.
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    Best 2018 Red Sox postseason moments

    This. And Price getting amped in the bullpen and kicking the wall. The mental image of guys crowding the door of the manager's office announcing they were good to go tomorrow... I love this team.
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    Are you worried about the Red Sox?

    Sly smile
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    Yawkey Way now Jersey St again

    Having lived down the block from a Boylston St in JP, I always assumed that the multiple streets with the same name was a result of not changing them when neighborhoods became incorporated into Boston.
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    Red Sox to expand netting behind home plate

    Well said. I for one am willing to gamble my health and well being on a perfect view of the game, but that doesn't mean everyone around me should be subjected to the same risk. That said, the human eye is a remarkable organ. It's capacity to adapt around some netting is being severely...