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  1. ThreeIfBaerga

    Sports Cards Mania

    So I was cleaning out an old box of cards and stumbled across two Topps rookie Gretzky cards. Did a quick google and it looks like the O-Pee-Chee rookies are the ones going for big money with a 10 grade. Topps seem to be all over the place. Mine look to be to be really good condition, one was...
  2. ThreeIfBaerga

    March College Hoops Thread

    Guys (and Gals) a friend is involved with the folks who created the Real Time Brackets hoops tourney game.  The claim to fame is you can change your pick during the game at different intervals thereby earning some points for a blown pick and stay in the running.  There's a formula behind it all...
  3. ThreeIfBaerga

    Game 7 - Bruins @ Canucks - Protect the Civic

    B=CUP!! Holy shit - It happened, boys. It happened. I don't even know what to do with myself.
  4. ThreeIfBaerga

    Game 7 - Bruins @ Canucks - Protect the Civic

    Looked like Boychuk got speared right before they cut away. I love that Recchi told Burrows to finish the game off the right way. As much as I'd love to see the Bs exact some physical revenge before this game ends, I love that we're not stooping to their level.
  5. ThreeIfBaerga

    Game 7 - Bruins @ Canucks - Protect the Civic

    Hang on boys. You kill this, you kill the snake. 6:00 - Jesus, is this really happening?
  6. ThreeIfBaerga

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship (MMA) Thread

    Any magic link for tonight's event?
  7. ThreeIfBaerga

    Sons of Peter McNeeley- Boxing Thread

    Anyone know anything about Ireland's John Duddy? I was watching VersusHD last night and they were airing one of this fights. It wasn't until I looked him up online that I realized the fight happened last year. I'm a pretty casual boxing fan so I was wondering if this guy is considered the...