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  1. SoxinSeattle

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Beta-blocker ingested. Let's do this!
  2. SoxinSeattle

    5/21, Game 3 @Miami

    I think Barkley put a lot of money on the Celtics.
  3. SoxinSeattle

    5/21 Bloom's Gambit

    Crappy Kluber completely clobbered
  4. SoxinSeattle

    May NHL News Thread

    Gross. Now I can't root for the kid.
  5. SoxinSeattle

    Game 1 vs. Philadelphia—Just Win

    "See, the thing about Arsenal is they always try to walk it in."
  6. SoxinSeattle

    A Modest Proposal

    There is a reason that the premier soccer leagues don't have playoffs. Any sport with a goal and a goalie has a randomness that other sports don't have. With no playoffs the regular season means everything and IMO truly shows the best team that season. That said playoffs are fucking awesome and...
  7. SoxinSeattle

    Game 7 NOTHING EASY - Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

    I haven't had a drink in three years. I really need a drink. LFG!!
  8. SoxinSeattle

    2023 Pats: Post Your Final Draft Grade

    I graded the picks A, B and C in order. So B. I too want shiny offensive toys but this was a bad draft for game changers. We'll see. Maybe they missed out or maybe they nailed it.
  9. SoxinSeattle

    4/23 Boston's Bello battles Brewers' Burnes

    Have a day Yoshi!!!!!!
  10. SoxinSeattle

    Round 1, Game 4 - Bruins at Panthers.

    People being happy with themselves is so fucking annoying.
  11. SoxinSeattle

    Round 1, Game 4 - Bruins at Panthers.

    I am not a violent person but Paul Maurice has one of the most punchable faces I have ever seen.
  12. SoxinSeattle

    Round 1, Game 4 - Bruins at Panthers.

    Get em off the ice!
  13. SoxinSeattle

    YouTube announces Sunday Ticket Pricing

    I'm torn. I usually pirate but hate doing it. Non Youtube tv subscriber and with Redzone would be $23 a week. Sounds steep but I waste money on dumber shit than that all the time.