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  1. ronlt40

    Rays @ Guardians, 12:06 ET , ESP2

    the feed dropped out right as this was happening. Way to go ESPN
  2. ronlt40

    NY International Signings 2014: All Your Prospect Are Belong To Us

    The highlighted needs acknowledgement. Well Played sir.
  3. ronlt40

    UFC 2020

    this didnt age well
  4. ronlt40

    Greatest Yankee season(s) in your lifetime

    1996 for me. I was too young to remember 77-78. The regular season, the ALCS vs the orioles (the Jeffrey Maier game, the bernie walk off), the day after Mike & the mad dog shows, then the WS vs the braves. So many good memories. The Yanks had been mediocre for so long you began to question...
  5. ronlt40

    2019-20 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    Happy Birthday JA!! Your posts are greatly appreciated.
  6. ronlt40

    The end of kids playing pickup baseball

    Absolutely. A majority if my childhood was spent playing pickup baseball. There were 8-10 kids around my age that played everyday during the summer in an empty lot in our neighborhood. My father even built a backstop so we'd stop losing baseballs in the bush that was behind our make shift...
  7. ronlt40

    NY rotation 2018

    That's what i think. In his start against Cleveland Severino got into the 3rd or 4th inning without getting a single swing and miss. Al Leiter even alluded to it (or the Indians stealing signs) during the broadcast.
  8. ronlt40

    2018 MMA/UFC

    Conor really knows how to hype a fight " NEW YORK -- UFC star Conor McGregor stormed a media day ahead of UFC 223 at Barclays Center, damaging a bus and injuring another fighter in the process. UFC...
  9. ronlt40

    O Holy Cow!: The Selected Verse Of Phil Rizzuto

    Loved listening to Scooter & Bill White. Such a big part of my early Yankee fandom.
  10. ronlt40

    NY minor league prospect news (2017 edition)

    I just want to say thanks to especially Abbey, Wingack & Terry and those who are frequent posters here on the Yankee side of SOSH. I would love to post more but between Abbey, Wingack & Terry you guys say what I'm thinking 95% of the time. Its silly to just post "agreed" or "what he said". I...
  11. ronlt40

    Tiger Woods arrested for DUI

    No, that's a myth. at least in the 19 years that I've been in LE. This video explains it well.
  12. ronlt40

    Only God Can Judge Judge

    Really?? Can the kid maybe make an all star team first?? or win ROY. This is the exact kind of thing i as a yankee fan make fun of other teams for doing.
  13. ronlt40

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Not to be a pain, but add me to the list of those who cant see Other Crap. Thanks!!
  14. ronlt40

    Following former Yankees in 2014

    Joba's antics do make him hard to root for even as a yankee fan but i do feel bad for him for the way the Yankee brain trust jerked him around. With the "Joba rules" and his transition from a starter in the minors to a reliever in 2007 then a reliever/starter/reliever in 2008 then a regular...
  15. ronlt40

    NY rotation 2014

    Does YEV have to carry around a huge sword Ned Stark style??
  16. ronlt40

    This will be Derek Jeter's final season

    In 2008 I almost got into a fight during a round of golf when i called Jeter "the worst fielding SS in the AL". Two of the guys i was paired with flipped out. 
  17. ronlt40

    This will be Derek Jeter's final season

    You mean like the time he told the fans to stop booing jason Giambi, only to then say he cant tell the fans what to do when they were booing A-rod??   From 2005: Then Jeter took the opportunity to stand up for Giambi, who was booed so loudly after he struck out in the...
  18. ronlt40

    Sabathia done for 2014: knee surgery

    Newsday: "CC Sabathia will likely not pitch again this season, Yankees manager Joe Girardi said, due to the right knee issue that has limited him to eight starts with the Yankees this year."
  19. ronlt40

    NY minor league prospect news (2014 edition)

      Refsnyder promoted to Triple A
  20. ronlt40

    Sabathia done for 2014: knee surgery

    Article on about a Japanese candy that the Yankee players are hooked on.   "There is debate about who is the most addicted. Kuroda said it was CC Sabathia."   Awesome.