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  1. wallypip

    Only God Can Judge Judge

    I am insanely bored today, Crow, so I actually watched both the Yankees and Jays broadcast of that inning this afternoon. The crazy thing that I saw is that on the Jays feed, they showed Judge on deck and he was making hand signals to someone either on the bench or down the line. The Jay's...
  2. wallypip

    NY roster 2023

    It looks like Jake Bauers is getting a promotion. Hopefully this doesn't mean that they are expecting Judge to be out for very long. I heard somewhere that the Yankees have made changes to Bauers' swing. It would be nice if he resurrects his career and can add some offense...
  3. wallypip

    Anthony Volpe And What Can He VolBe?

    I like Volpe in the 9 spot. I don't think he will steal bases in great volume, but that is a great place to have a guy who can steal situationally. DJ at his best hits for a high average and puts the ball in play a lot, so it is also good to have speed in front of him just to avoid some DPs, to...
  4. wallypip

    2023 Yankees Spring Training News & Notes

    The easier solution would be if Stanton could play more OF. That would open the DH spot for other players. It might even help DJ stay healthy to get a couple of DH days a week. If somehow the Yankees swing a deal for Kepler, you need some kind of righthanded compliment for him if not a...
  5. wallypip

    2023 Yankees Spring Training News & Notes

    I think that between Rizzo's back issues, Lemahieu"s recent injury history, and Donaldson's AARP status, there will be plenty of ABs for a Donaldson/DJ/Rizzo/Torres rotation in the infield. There's a good chance that Donaldson will show some positive regression this season and they are stuck...
  6. wallypip

    2023 Yankees Spring Training News & Notes

    I was thinking about Florial recently. I'm not sure why he lost his prospect luster so quickly. I know he strikes out a lot, and the Yankees obviously have seen something about him that they don't like for the major league roster. IMO, he would be an obvious choice to give Bader days off so...
  7. wallypip

    2021-2022 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    Well done, Murderer's Crow!
  8. wallypip

    2021-2022 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    Haven't you had the same handle since the YES days? :)
  9. wallypip

    Yankees Spring Training News & Notes

    Unless something really weird happens, Higgy is Cole's catcher. The Yankees didn't make the moves they did and more noticeably didn't without Cole's preference in mind. Since the Yankees have gone in a defense-first direction at the position, I would not be a bit surprised if the starts come...
  10. wallypip

    Joey Gallo Is A Yankee

    All of those HRs came up short of the wall in fair territory, so you also have to figure several HRs that hooked foul in front of a deeper right field pole. I think Joey is going to like hitting in the Bronx.
  11. wallypip

    'Invisible' Ellsbury

    I researched the insurance/release issues a few years ago. Here's an old article about how insurance actually works: More than likely, Ellsbury's insurance ran out at the end of...
  12. wallypip

    2018 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    Good times!:):):):):):love::love::love::love::notworthy::redwine::w00t::w00t::w00t:
  13. wallypip

    Let's Make The Evil Empire Evil Again: NYY's Pursuit Of Manny Machado

    The knock on Andujar coming into the 2018 season is that he wasn't ready defensively and needed more developmental time. The major leagues, particularly in a major market during a pennant chase, isn't the place to change bad habits or reconstruct a throwing motion. I would like to see the...
  14. wallypip

    NY rotation 2018

    Looks like Adams is in:
  15. wallypip

    NY bullpen 2018

    I'm interested to see how Boone uses Britton. As a top level closer it makes sense to just give him his setup inning and let him close a full frame for you. However, every other pitcher in the bullpen has strikeout/flyball tendencies and Britton is a ground ball machine. It would be awesome...
  16. wallypip

    Potential NY Roster Spot Upgrades

    The Red Sox have 64 games left and ten of them are against the Yankees. I think Cashman has to hold all of his chips and salary space until he is sure that there isn't an impact starter available. Mostly because the Yankees need a starter, but also because if the Red Sox make a move for a...
  17. wallypip

    Yankees Spring Training News & Notes

    Has anyone seen the details of Lind's contract, opt-out, MLB clause, etc.? I have to believe that Lind wants to be more than a once a week player and has a pretty good out clause and expensive MLB clause.
  18. wallypip

    NY trades for Brandon Drury

    What's up crow! I saw you said hi to me a few weeks a go, but I hadn't checked in in a while. Interesting. The thing about Drury as the utility is that he's never played SS outside of emergencies in mlb or minors. Maybe they think they can live with him at SS once a month or they use Torres...
  19. wallypip

    NY trades for Brandon Drury

    Blash could be resigned to a minor league deal. Now we just need to get pitchers to throw the ball right here:
  20. wallypip

    NY trades for Brandon Drury

    Drury also still has options. So we could still be looking at a five man competition for three infield spots. Seven if you consider Jace Peterson and Danny Espinoza in the race.