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  1. Tony the Pony


    Sad news, indeed Even better than reading Bob’s insights, was to share them face to face. It’s a pity we couldn’t have dinner more often (“yes, bring the little kids - as long as they know they are expected to shut up”) because of our move to Europe, but I cherish all these memories and hope...
  2. Tony the Pony

    FIFA 17

  3. Tony the Pony

    FIFA 17

  4. Tony the Pony

    FIFA 17

    Soren is hooked. Thanks, Zomp. If anyone is playing FIFA17 on a PS3, look us up: soren617. We both suck at playing Fifa, but we're getting quite good at buying and selling players turning handsome profits (we're playing a US game on a UK console, so FIFA points are disabled).
  5. Tony the Pony

    I want to go to a match in Europe

    I'm not a fan of the stadium, but I wouldn't be too concerned about security at Hamsters - Liverpool. However, it's going to be hard for you to get a ticket. Black market is always a good bet, but it would probably cost you 100-150 GBP easily. I assume you could get a hospitality ticket, but...
  6. Tony the Pony

    Europa League 2016-17

    Europa League season 2016/2017. Six European games for Feyenoord, and not being thrown out by UEFA. Shit performances vs Fener, Luhansk wasn't a factor, but Odessa was a nice treat. Nice win vs United at home, shat the bed away. Oh well. At least we aren't precluded from competing in the...
  7. Tony the Pony

    Global Football Odds & Ends

    Couldn't have gone to a bigger piece of shit. Congrats!
  8. Tony the Pony

    Europa League 2016-17

    ...but don't despair, we get to take 6 points off United. :) Just booked Man Utd - Feyenoord. It will be Soren's (8, already, how time flies. Remember when he popped out during The Prippening - seems like yesterday?) first Feyenoord match. We're staying until Sat night, Either Liverpool -...
  9. Tony the Pony

    Newcastle United 2016-17: Championship Material

    Look at that, a new thread. As that chelsea guy in here mentioned, we're hosting Newcastle at Dalymount next month. Anybody coming over?
  10. Tony the Pony

    One for the road!

    One for the road!
  11. Tony the Pony

    Chat S--- Get Banged: Leicester Have Won the League!

    Handballs used to be defined as fouls when they were intended handballs. The sport has completely gone away from that, and I hear the weirdest arguments on a weekly basis by all these talking heads on TV. Simpson's was 100% intentional. He knew exactly what he was doing. Huth less so, but...
  12. Tony the Pony

    Global Football Odds & Ends

    For a while in the 1970s-1990s, the same club was known as Casino Salzburg. In 1995 ajax won the champions league. During the tournament, they played a home-and-away against Casino Salzburg and if it had been a knock-out round Salzburg would have progressed, if I recall correctly. Funny to see...
  13. Tony the Pony

    Euro 2016 qualifying

    It's been a great Euro Qual. season. Albania, Northern Ireland, Iceland and Wales qualify. The Dutch won't. The Faroe Islands beat Greece (champions in 2004) twice.   Here's to Cyprus making it! And to the Andorra player that got onto the pitch against Belgium this week, a few hours after...
  14. Tony the Pony

    Liverpool 2015-16: We Didn't Want To Play in Europe Anyway

      Had a few pints after shooting that video here in Dublin, Good to meet a German with humor.   ;-)
  15. Tony the Pony

    Who do you follow- roll call

      Dummy Hoy already linked me with Feyenoord (and quite rightly so), but I work for the coolest football team in Dublin, Bohemian FC.   If you want to go to a game once you're here, send me a message. 
  16. Tony the Pony

    Rugby World Cup 2015

    Fuck me England is out! Awesome!  
  17. Tony the Pony

    Football shirts 2015/16

    Thats fookin horrible.   Im in Sheffield this weekend. Shall I get you some goodies a charity shops?    also - check out classic footballl shirts co uk or something like that. I can bring a bunch to Boston in 2 months and save shipping
  18. Tony the Pony

    I want to go to a match in Europe

    Oh - if you ever want to go to a Bohs match in Ireland - contact me.