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    Jaguars unveil stadium plans ... for Jacksonville

    Aren't Jacksonville and Houston considered by pretty much everyone to be the two worst warm weather areas to host Super Bowls?
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    Decision Time?

    Bloom shouldn't be doing anything, he should be relieved of his duties at this point. Letting him preside over another trade deadline would be a complete and total organizational failure.
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    May NHL News Thread

    Does Bryan Berard qualify? Probably not, but pretty damn close. From wikipedia: "Berard was drafted first overall by the Ottawa Senators in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft. As the first overall pick – and with the Senators blue line among the weaker in the league, Berard anticipated going straight to...
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    Toucher and Rich

    One thing that I never thought of was because of his condition Fred couldn't talk to his therapist while all of this was going on. I can see how that would be a massive mindfuck.
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    College Football Bucket List

    Can confirm. Unfortunately this is the only bucket list type game I've gone to but it was a phenomenal experience.
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    SoSH Golf, 2023

    So finally hit my hybrid 4 on the course recently, and holy shit, where has this been all of my golfing life? If you don't have a hybrid in your bag yet (probably not many of us left), try one as soon as possible.
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    SoSH Golf, 2023

    It's become my favorite over the last couple of years, taking over the crown from New England. The course is always in good to great shape and they get all of the stuff surrounding the round right. Always a good amount of beer carts and having the snack shack behind 17 that's also on the...
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    SoSH Golf, 2023

    Tee time is at 8:24, can't wait.
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    SoSH Golf, 2023

    This is pretty much exactly my situation, except it will be Friday morning at Crystal Lake in Burrillville. Look out for flying golf balls if you're in that general area.
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    SoSH Golf, 2023

    For those on the fence about Arccos sensors and/or the new EA Sports PGA game coming out tomorrow, they've announced a partnership where you can get free sensors and a 45 day trial with purchase of the game. I've seen a lot of these 45 day trial offers coming down the pipe lately, I wonder if...
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    Red Sox Tickets

    You can also check this out for the view from the seats you're looking at.
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    Toucher and Rich

    I really don't understand what Beasley is doing. You need to make cuts? Fine, it sucks for the people involved, but take a hatchet to the things losing you money/things that aren't as profitable. But why on Earth are they dicking around with 98.5 when they're doing so well in such a big market?
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    2023 Masters

    The whole thing about the PGA tour opening up their slush fund is completely and totally false. Everyone knew that when the newest TV contract started last year there would be more money for everyone, LIV Tour or not.
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    3/28 v Nashville

    Can they be sent down to Providence for conditioning, even if they only practice and don't play in an actual game?
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    No, it's "big" Jim. This is who Felger and Mazz were all along, but when the show started they had Bertrand to go at them once they started going off the rails. Since Jim is worse than the hosts, he eggs on their worst tendencies. I'd say Jimmy Stewart is the best part of the show now.
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    Golfers - help out my buddy, please

    I'm up in Woonsocket so I'll check it out this week.
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    SoSH Golf, 2023

    After taking up the game in spring of 97 (hmm, anything big happen then I wonder) with a full set of generic clubs I bought at Golfers Warehouse, I've been slowly rebuilding my bag with used clubs over the last few years. My bag consisted of a TaylorMade M6 D-type driver, Callaway Rogue Irons...
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    Best Bruin trade deadline acquisition -- all-time.

    In fairness, you at 11 and me at 13, knew better than washed up Harry Sinden that the trade was dumb.
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    (Approaching the) Trade Deadline Thread

    Sorry, I only see these cards here, so I'm not well versed on the data I'm really seeing. Isn't it odd that someone at 26 would fall off a cliff like this? Seems like going from Columbus to Boston could improve things just with the move?
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    I agree that the apology seemed sincere. I'll also point out that Felger seemed clearly uncomfortable with the comment in the moment Friday but still apologized for not stopping the show as it happened. The cackling hyena Jim Murray who had a great laugh about everything Friday apologized for...