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  1. Royal Reader

    EPL for the first time

    Fulham, specifically, are unlike any other English club. It's more like a tennis or golf atmosphere than any other club in the prem or championship. They are *much* less vocal and generally uninterested in the singing/low level aggro aspects of fandom. Even a club like Spurs who get slated...
  2. Royal Reader

    Life is a Beach - Summer 2023 Transfer

    Greenwood to Getafe, apparently on loan which is... confusing, since I thought he'd been released.
  3. Royal Reader

    GW 4 Game Thread: Sons of Duncan Ferguson Edinburgh Bash

    Same, though felt similarly before the season. It's a level too far with their budget, but maybe they can bank the money, be competitive in the Championship again afterward, and get the move to a new ground finally done. Real Swindon/Barnsley/Blackpool premier league vibes (the latter, of...
  4. Royal Reader

    Spurs 23/24: Big Ange Forever

    The Athletic's Newcastle correspondent is on record saying the rumor is nonsense.
  5. Royal Reader

    Life is a Beach - Summer 2023 Transfer

    Swapping Johnson for Hudson-Odoi +£42m doesn't seem like that bad a combination of deals. Signing Origi when they've spent the last few days trying to offload Dennis because Awoniyi is the obvious first choice and Wood the first man off the bench is... a move, I guess.
  6. Royal Reader

    Life is a Beach - Summer 2023 Transfer

    Yes, though I explicitly didn't include that one because I couldn't be arsed to explain it.
  7. Royal Reader

    Liverpool 23-24: Fuckin' Around & Findin' Out

    Yeah, it feels like a co-ordinated thing to get the player to agitate for the move, and LFC to compromise by agreeing to sell him in January/next summer if he's a good soldier to that point.
  8. Royal Reader

    GW 4 Game Thread: Sons of Duncan Ferguson Edinburgh Bash

    Honestly, with the seeding and same country rules, there's no-one in the draw that would've worried me if I were Liverpool. I'd rather not have had Betis, Marseille, or Sporting, but you'd wouldn't exactly be afraid of those trips.
  9. Royal Reader

    GW 4 Game Thread: Sons of Duncan Ferguson Edinburgh Bash

    No specific thread for Non-CL Euros draws, so I guess a game thread is as good as anywhere. Brighton get Ajax and Marseille. Which is both going to generate memorable match ups BHA fans will still be talking about in 20 years, and be really tough.
  10. Royal Reader

    Life is a Beach - Summer 2023 Transfer

    Apropos of equally little, it's 'Reds' or 'Tricky Trees' to their fans, and 'Red dogs' to their detractors.
  11. Royal Reader

    Straight Reds (now and forever)

    Well, the thread started with Cantona kicking a Nazi, which is ALWAYS good decision-making. Can't embed, but here's a Facebook video of some classic Sean Dyche.
  12. Royal Reader

    Still Not the Super League: Champions League 23/24

    A doesn't look very deathy to me. Two big names, two teams from smaller leagues who'll struggle to compete, though Utd being utter shite away to one or other wouldn't be a shock. B might be the most interesting after F. I'd expect Arsenal to make it through somehow, but wouldn't be shocked if...
  13. Royal Reader

    Still Not the Super League: Champions League 23/24

    As someone who has little time for either sportswashing or Dortmund, Forza Milan.
  14. Royal Reader

    2023 Jets: Hello Darkness Retreat, My Old Friend

    "Ain't you a gameshow host?" would have been a better comeback.
  15. Royal Reader

    Embarrassment of Riches Pats Fan Question: Your Favorite Pats SB?

    I can see why people say the first Rams one, but I think I was too young to properly appreciate it. From the utter bullshit that was the AFCCG in Indy at the end of the 06 season onward , reinforced by the Scottish game, there was only one thing in sports I truly craved, which was to see B+B...
  16. Royal Reader

    Jaylen Brown playing Big 3 today

    I loved Jaylen precisely because of what he did and does for his community. It's clear he's really smart and cares deeply about the problems affecting his community. I don't know about anyone else, but when I see a guy like that rise to prominence, there's the hope that he's one of those who...
  17. Royal Reader

    You're the newly hired Newcastle United.....what's your strategy?

    The way it was reported over here was the "Pranked by team mates" option. He asked the squad where the fanciest place to eat in Newcastle was, and they told him Spoons.
  18. Royal Reader

    I'm back baby! The 2023-24 EFL Championship

    Bring on Leeds vs West Brom then, who are also a dumpster fire with a decent manager.
  19. Royal Reader

    General Offseason Thread.

    I don't think so either. But the Nets signed KD when they knew he'd miss the entire following year. The Suns gave up (slightly) positive value for the Beal contract. Zion Williamson got a max extension. People will pony up for elite talent in the hope they might get one healthy playoffs from...
  20. Royal Reader

    General Offseason Thread.

    Eh, he's probably still a positive asset maxed out on a mediocre team. See if you can pull off Laker BS and get someone else good to play with him. If not, someone who's got a decent team with a ceiling will dream on keeping him healthy for a playoff run or two.