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  1. Burn Out

    2023 NBA Playoffs

    Came here for this. My workplace is full of sadness today. But not me.
  2. Burn Out

    Red Sox Announce changes & new food offerings for 2023 season

    Any time before October.
  3. Burn Out

    So long, Framingham Lou (and other WEEI discussions)

    But, isn’t it OK because @Mahkis Smaht is doing wicked comedy things?!
  4. Burn Out

    Steep Couloirs and Flatspin 360s - Skiing and Boarding 22-23

    @GoJeff! Tell us your story. Watch Adventurers Ski Down Los Angeles Mountain After Freak Snowstorm: ‘How Sweet This Feels’
  5. Burn Out

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    Perhaps the new mentality of calling pitches from the dugout and PitchCom makes it easier for a new catcher to plug and play.
  6. Burn Out

    Tyler Skaggs passes away

    I think he means the OC (OxyContin) fee that unscrupulous prescribers were charging. C and V keys are adjacent. (And a quick recommendation to watch Dopesick on Hulu)
  7. Burn Out

    RIP Jeremy Giambi

    Don’t say that you don’t want to speculate, then go ahead and do the very thing you said you didn’t want to do.
  8. Burn Out

    RIP MikeF

    Adding my condolences with all of the rest. Sorry to hear.
  9. Burn Out

    Return of the Rask (?)

    This makes no sense. In 2022 Tuuka is injured, and clearly not as good as 2013 Tuuka, so the haters are going to wish a time-traveling Tuuka would return? And good job dragging 2012 Tim Thomas into it and calling him a racist. I almost missed that part.
  10. Burn Out

    NFL: News and transactions

    Ah. That makes sense. Would have been good for the article to make that distinction. (Belichick’s first year in NE alone would kill any similar streak)
  11. Burn Out

    NFL: News and transactions

    Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin breaks NFL record by avoiding losing season for 15th straight year What incredibly obvious distinction...
  12. Burn Out

    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    We have tried to move to the term ‘legacy’. ‘Bob was legacied in to the union’. Is it perfect? No. But it implies that some sort of past history is what is responsible for the current situation.
  13. Burn Out

    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    ‘Grandfathered’ can be traced to late 1800s voting rights in the US. To vote, one either had to be literate (which was meant to exclude certain groups), or prove that your Grandfather had once had the right to vote (which allowed the illiterate, but of a ‘desired’, group to vote).
  14. Burn Out

    Week 1 NFL Game Thread

    Superb Owl is my DJ name.
  15. Burn Out

    Just started to see ads here today

    If it wasn’t for these ads, I totally would have forgotten Melania’s birthday this year. Thanks, SoSH!
  16. Burn Out

    First time baseball coach

    Don’t forget to remind the parents about acceptable behavior. You will need their buy-in. My experience was that parents were the biggest challenge.
  17. Burn Out

    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    My kid’s math textbook is getting all Sabermetricy with old friend Derek Lowe.
  18. Burn Out

    Sox Officially Sever Ties With Lowell Spinners (With a Caveat)

    I agree so much with this post and others like it. This is the experience MLB needs to be nurturing if it wants to be relevant. Some subsidies for foam rubber dinosaur mascot costumes and beer below $5 would offer the best ROI. If a game costs my family less than $400, I might do it more...
  19. Burn Out

    2020 Pats: Cam Tests Positive

    The real surprise is that Bill let Cam Attend the ACB nomination.