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    2024 Core

    I recognize that the defense would be more helpful in the outfield, but given the current makeup of the roster, why isn't there more discussion about Rafaela being used more in the infield next season? (I may just be missing it, but it doesn't seem so.) If the right deal opens up, I am all for...
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    Rosenthal: Sox Almost Traded Turner, Were In On Verlander

    I would take this a step further and say that, pre-'04, it really felt like a championship-or-bust mentality specifically because of the long drought. I think today's fans are much more comfortable with 2003-style seasons -- or 2002 or even 2001, for that matter -- because of the recent history...
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    2023 Bullpen

    Highlighting the quality of the eight-game run is fine, ranking it against the rest of the league seems silly and arbitrary. But it really has been quite a run.
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    Mike Gorman's Last Year

    One of the greats. Hope he has a great final season. Completely second the above notion that Grande, while great, is best paired with Max -- I wouldn't want to break that up, and wonder if they can both go to TV if that's the preference.
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    Kiké Hernandez traded to Dodgers

    I am mildly -- very mildly -- concerned about a potential morale impact (yes, they're professionals and whatnot, but just flagging it as, again, a mild concern). But sending him to the Dodgers is probably the coolest thing the Sox could do for him, potentially mitigating those concerns. On the...
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    When to get excited?

    It is incumbent on anybody who has tickets to Game 5 to get excited now. As for the rest of us? It's a matter of self-preservation. But having felt pretty down on the team since Game 2, and already pretty resigned to the likelihood of elimination, I'm finding myself pleased to at least have one...
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    A Modest Proposal

    This year notwithstanding, I do feel like the NBA regular season at least cements true contenders near the top of the standings and serves as something relatively predictive for the playoffs. The NHL regular season seems to be about just determining who's in the playoffs before commencing a...
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    Beat The Clock

    Isn't this sort of the point, though? Baseball needs desperately to expand its shrinking and aging fanbase. That's what these rules are designed to do. Not to say they'll succeed, but that has to be at least one lens when analyzing the rules.
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    Worth the Price of Admission?

    I think there's a pretty decent precedent at this point, post-Schilling, for high-profile pitchers taking a year to adjust to Boston. Beckett, Porcello, and even Daisuke have been noticeably better in Year 2 than Year 1. (Daisuke, of course, reverted pretty hard after that, and benefited...
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    2015-2016 Celtics regular season

    Disclaimer: I have a tendency to slip up on easy math. But I'm pretty sure that a C's win tonight vs. the Hawks would mean they only need to take one of the last two vs. Hornets and Heat to clinch the three seed. A win against the Hawks gives the C's a one game lead (at least) over everybody...
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    Brady/Manning XVII

    I actually have a hard time believing this. The league has so vilified New England that I would think the team is considered a ratings juggernaut for hatewatch purposes. I think a perceived-as-villainous New England in the Super Bowl is probably better from a ratings perspective.
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    SportsCenter & OTL Bringing Back Spygate (live, 9AM)

    Fair enough on Point A. But I still have a VERY hard time believing ESPN just decided to throw together a 50-source, 11,000 word story over Labor Day weekend. That's just not how this stuff works. I think they had it planned for the NFL opener, which features the Patriots fresh off what most of...
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    SportsCenter & OTL Bringing Back Spygate (live, 9AM)

    They're competitors. And the Patriots just had a controversial offseason, and will be kicking off the NFL season in two days--it doesn't shock me that either organization had the pieces planned for this week.   The ESPN article is littered with issues -- the Faulk bit stands out the most...
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    SportsCenter & OTL Bringing Back Spygate (live, 9AM)

    How, exactly, and why, exactly, would SI and ESPN coordinate on this?
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    SportsCenter & OTL Bringing Back Spygate (live, 9AM)

    The argument we're having here is about whether this was a rush job or not, not about the veracity of the sourcing. Whether or not they are creditable, you can't just line up 50+ sources to chat over Labor Day weekend for a rushed hit piece (of 11,000 words).
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    SportsCenter & OTL Bringing Back Spygate (live, 9AM)

    There are issues with this report, many of which are being well-documented by you fine folks, but I have a very hard time buying this as NFL propaganda considering how terrible it makes Goodell look, and the fact that it comes from Outside the Lines.   ETA: And the fact that this was clearly in...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    I do find myself wondering why, if not to try and test the weather, they would not levy punishment at the same time as the report. I can't imagine another reason (what am I missing?). If that's it, it seems among the more absurd and blatant elements of this whole ordeal.
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    One Strike and You're Out: The 2015 MLS In-Season Thread

    A waste of two points last night for sure.   If I wasn't there already I am now -- Caldwell has been about our best player this year. Whether that's a positive or not depends on your perspective...
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    It's the Fans' Fault, Especially Patriots' Fans

      The irony with the idea that some members of the media hate Belichick due to a lack of soundbites -- and I don't doubt that it's true -- is that he has waaaaay more virality/clickability value as a result of his stonewalling them. It is always entertaining.