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  1. Larry Gardner

    The 1995 Red Sox Appreciation Thread

    He's still and may be for a long, long time, the answer to "Who is the only player in MLB history to have turned an unassisted triple play, have a 3-HR game, and hit for the cycle?"
  2. Larry Gardner

    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    A couple of votes in the thread for Tim Naehring and I thought he could've had a great career if he wasn't injury prone, and I'll add my vote for Timmeh. But there were a couple of guys from those mid-90's teams that I really liked: Reggie Jefferson was just a hitting machine and then the...
  3. Larry Gardner

    ERod to Tigers: 5 years/$77 million, opt out after Y2

    I feel the same way. Sometimes he was really difficult to watch, and obviously a head case-- coaching wanted him to trust his stuff, and he still nibbled and missed outside so much.....that being said, wish Eddie well.
  4. Larry Gardner

    Rico Petrocelli interview

    Paul, there was a picture in one of the old yearbooks, I think it might have been '67 (so was after the '66 season), with Rico playing the drums during Spring Training. I hadn't ever heard that he played gigs, but definitely remembered that he played the drums. If I can find the old yearbook...
  5. Larry Gardner

    How many players on this list w/ one career Red Sox home run do you remember? (since 1990)

    I was there that day in Hot'lanta. Couldn't buy a hit off of Foltynewicz, and when he came out of the game, all hell broke loose...
  6. Larry Gardner

    How many players on this list w/ one career Red Sox home run do you remember? (since 1990)

    IIRC, wasn't he a replacement player during one of the strikes?
  7. Larry Gardner

    SOSH Android App

    Thanks Al!
  8. Larry Gardner

    SOSH Android App

    Hi, I've had the Android App for several years now, but now it only shows "Network Error, please try again later" (get_forum | SOSH). I looked for the app today in Google Play, but did not find one under S.O.S.H. or "sons of sam horn". So, does the Android app still exist, and is it supported...
  9. Larry Gardner

    Sox talking Mookie trade with Dodgers, Padres - News & Discussion

    I started bowling again this year after a 5-year hiatus and I hadn't seen Diana for a while, but I did I ran into Mookie's mother at the Tennessee State Bowling tournament on Saturday....I'm going to make some money BTW.....and the conversation went something like this: "Diana, you know I wore...
  10. Larry Gardner

    MLB’s sign-stealing controversy broadens: Sources say the Red Sox used video replay room illegally in 2018

    Not a huge poster here, but I thought y'all might enjoy a quick story.... A friend of mine is employed by MLB in Detroit, and one of his jobs is to monitor the video room during games to make sure they aren't using the video to steal signals. He was in the visiting clubhouse last year and Chris...
  11. Larry Gardner

    Green Fields of the Mind

    The last game is still the saddest day of the year.....
  12. Larry Gardner

    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    Why can't we get effective relievers like this guy? ;) Ramirez, one of the Angels' most effective relievers, repeatedly insisted the whole thing was a misunderstanding. "I was just trying to sneak a fastball by him,'' he said. "I threw two sliders away. I think the scouting report on me is I...
  13. Larry Gardner

    Pedroia Predictions

    Looking so forward to seeing Pedey hit a high, inside piece of cheese over the Monstah.......
  14. Larry Gardner

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    Sox sign Jenrry Mejia.
  15. Larry Gardner

    100 Wins

    The guy in back of me in the red jersey is from Boston, and the guy with the long beard was from S. Carolina. The guy I was high-fiving was from Carolina also, and don't think I hit his face....but it was pretty much bedlam, so who knows?
  16. Larry Gardner

    100 Wins

    I don't post much... and please be kind :) I've followed the Sox day and night, 365.25 days a year since 1964, and I'm just so thrilled to finally see the boys win 100 games. This would never affect me in the way that '04 did, and I doubt that anything in life would ever be match that type of...
  17. Larry Gardner

    Vaughn Eshelman dead at age 49

    I also remember looking a few months ago, seeing that there is someone named Eshelman playing in the minors for someone, I think out West. Was wondering if he was Vaughn's son.....and found out from where he was from that he couldn't have been.
  18. Larry Gardner

    Vaughn Eshelman dead at age 49

    He signed for me at Tiger Stadium when I was standing next to the bullpen on the RF foul line. It was right after he came up and had a couple of quick, impressive wins....I remember he started out hotter than hell with the Sox. He didn't want to sign, but I said something like "C'mon, who else...
  19. Larry Gardner

    The Minor Leaguer

    Don't post much, but here goes...a little twist, but same kind of theme here. I'm in Nashville now, but come from Central Illinois, and some friends have been fortunate also and left the area over the years, but one old buddy from way back was always there when I went home for a visit. In...
  20. Larry Gardner

    April brouhaha with the Yankees

    Hey, this time, Vazquez could have quoted Tek from back in '04 when he said, to ARod (IIRC) "We don't throw at .260 hitters", since he's hitting .265. It would have been really funny if he could've said "We don't throw at lifetime .240 hitters"......