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  1. Grimace-HS

    SoSH Playoff Predictions 2023

    AFC Wild Card L.A. Chargers (5) over Jacksonville (4) Cincinnati (3) over Baltimore (6) Buffalo (2) over Miami (7) Divisional Kansas City (1) over L.A. Chargers (5) Buffalo (2) over Cincinnati (3) Championship Buffalo (2) over Kansas City (1) NFC Wild Card Dallas (5) over Tampa Bay (4)...
  2. Grimace-HS

    SoSH Playoff Predictions 2022

    AFC - Wild Card (4) Cincinnati over (5) Las Vegas (3) Buffalo over (6) New England (2) Kansas City over (7) Pittsburgh NFC Wild Card (2) Tampa Bay over (7) Philadelphia (3) Dallas over (6) San Francisco (4) Los Angeles over (5) Arizona AFC - Divisional (4) Cincinnati over (1) Tennessee (3)...
  3. Grimace-HS

    SoSH Playoff Predictions

    AFC Wild Card: Buffalo (2) over Indianapolis (7) Pittsburgh (3) over Cleveland (6) Baltimore (5) over Tennessee (4) Divisional: Kansas City (1) over Baltimore (5) Buffalo (2) over Pittsburgh (3) Championship: Buffalo (2) over Kansas City (1) NFC Wild Card: New Orleans (2) over Chicago (7)...
  4. Grimace-HS

    2020 Playoffs: SoSH Predictions

    AFC Houston (4) over Buffalo (5) New England (3) over Tennessee (6) Baltimore (1) over Houston (4) Kansas City (2) over New England (3) Kansas City (2) over Baltimore (1) NFC New Orleans (3) over Minnesota (6) Philadelphia (4) over Seattle (5) San Francisco (1) over Philadelphia (4) Green...
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    2019 Draft Megathread

    I'd like this one too.
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Required intermission wardrobe change...check. With all the talk before the game about how players always dream about a Game 7, I do not think it is usually a blowout. Forcing a Game 7, returning home, and then winning in dramatic come-from-behind fashion is the way to go. Continue to put the...
  7. Grimace-HS

    2018-2019 College Hockey thread

    Congratulations to UMD for the championship repeat. The Duluth defense was very good and dominant from start to finish, and they deserved this one. I went to a lot of UMass games in the '01-'07 time period when I lived in the area, and this team was a lot of fun to watch. Congratulations and...
  8. Grimace-HS

    2018-2019 College Hockey thread

    UMass vs Minnesota-Duluth for the national championship on ESPN2. UMass down 1-0 at the first period intermission.
  9. Grimace-HS

    The Game Ball Thread: AFCCG at the Chiefs

    Great video....thanks for posting. It was nice to see the McCourtys get to celebrate together, especially after reading Jason's Players' Tribune piece.
  10. Grimace-HS

    What is THE baseball highlight?

    Based on moments I’ve seen, one that always stands out is Dave Henderson’s game 5 homerun in the ‘86 ALCS. From the moment of saving the season to his leaping/twisting reaction hitting first base....this has to be on the list somewhere.
  11. Grimace-HS

    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2019

    AFC Wild Card Colts (6) over Texans (3) Ravens (4) over Chargers (5) NFC Wild Card Seahawks (5) over Cowboys (4) Bears (3) over Eagles (6) AFC Divisional Colts (6) over Chiefs (1) Patriots (2) over Ravens (4) NFC Divisional Bears (3) over Rams (2) Saints (1) over Seahawks (5) AFC...
  12. Grimace-HS

    Celebrating what is

    This was mentioned up-thread, but one that I love is that the Patriots still have not played a meaningless (out of contention) game since December 2000. What an amazing run this is.
  13. Grimace-HS

    2018 NFL Game Thread - Week 11

    This is one of those very rare instances where the game may even exceed the hype. I was excited for a very good game, but this is beyond anything anticipated.
  14. Grimace-HS

    2018 Stanley Cup Final- Sin City vs. Vegas

    And now the scoring opens up...great game.
  15. Grimace-HS

    2018 Stanley Cup Final- Sin City vs. Vegas

    I just rewound the pregame to get caught up. I've lately been playing a 10-hour loop of the Brass Bonanza (found on YouTube) for my wife explaining how this used to pump us up at Whalers' games. The intro theatrics certainly have evolved since then....this is pretty fun. I second the hope for...
  16. Grimace-HS

    2018 NFL Draft Day 3 Game Thread (you got spoilers? we got spoilers!)

    I remembered you wrote this awhile ago. First thing that came to mind was if you were still pushing through. Pace yourself....
  17. Grimace-HS

    2018 NFL Draft Day Two Game Thread w spoilers

    It seems like that it will have to be with their next pick if they see either Lauletta or Falk as a potential successor. I am not sure either will be there into the 5th round. Barring a trade, both should still be there unless Indy wants more depth.
  18. Grimace-HS

    Colts Next Banner: We Almost Had McDaniels

    This is really a very huge component. Up until last night's reveal that Josh would be staying, there had never been much hint at what a succession plan would resemble, or when it would take place. As DC mentioned, the "The Two Bills" part with Parcells mentoring Belichick on the other issues...
  19. Grimace-HS

    SBLII: Who's Gonna Win?

    Patriots 30-23, but up 30-16 and giving up a late fourth quarter TD to make it look a little closer. After giving up an early FG to fall behind 3-0, the Patriots take the lead 7-3 and never fall behind again.
  20. Grimace-HS

    The Nation's Tears: Volume II

    I actually had a reaction along the lines of....... There was a lot of "In my 22 years of watching sports, I have never seen (Insert X), so clearly that is proof that it never happened before" types of arguments. I am not all that tech savvy (inserting a YouTube link sometimes confuses me)...