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  1. vadertime

    Rich Hill to 15 day IL (left knee sprain) Phillips Valdez called up

    Probably a good chance Hill won't throw another pitch in MLB again.
  2. vadertime

    Brogdon to Boston for Theis/Nesmith/2023 1st

    Overall like the deal. But this will be at least 2 straight years without a first rounder pending any further deals.
  3. vadertime

    2022 NFL Schedule Thread

    Yeah. I thought teams made thier own preseason scedules, why would you pick a team you have to play during the season, and has this happened before with any other team?
  4. vadertime

    2022 Pats Free Agent period

    This is part of my rational. Slater is FA so there is no dead money for him. With the exception of Folk, special teams has flat out shit the bed the last 2 years, and I distinctly remember 2-3 bonehead penalties by Slater on punts not getting back inbounds. Sonething that somebody with his...
  5. vadertime

    2022 Pats Free Agent period

    Hightower and McCourty need to be voluntold they're retiring. Even Slater, who I remeber making couple bad penalties needs to retire. Jackson can go. Not as good as his rep is, and we can/should spend that money on 2-3 other modest upgrades on other areas of the defense.
  6. vadertime

    Looking back at the season, did the Patriots overperform or underperform?

    Neither. Preseason, I had them as a 9-10 win team, and WC contender...which they were. To channel Dennis Green, they were who I thought they were.
  7. vadertime

    NFL: News and transactions

    Josh Allen in walking boot, with further testing Monday. Bills season may be done depending on how those tests go.
  8. vadertime

    Red Sox in season discussion

    Non tender deadline in 3 hours. Locastro & Braiser seem to be the two most obvious to pass on, so do they get tendered?
  9. vadertime

    CBA expires Dec. 2-- how will this affect the Red Sox?

    Stupid question, as I must be missing something obvious. Why have the CBA expire on Dec 2 as opposed to the day after the world series? Why have part of the off-season under old CBA rules and part under the new? Why not make it simple and have it expire the day after the world series so that...
  10. vadertime

    Week 12 NFL Game thread

    BS pass interference. Didn't look for the ball but didn't touch him.
  11. vadertime

    OBJ signs with LA Rams. Wait, maybe the Packers... no it is the Rams.

    Do we have any kind of history with his agent? Any players already on our team use him?
  12. vadertime

    Pats: Injury news and updates

    Both RB are in concussion protocol. Don't know about Gunner.
  13. vadertime

    Red Sox in season discussion

    I don't have the numbers off the top of my head, and I'm not savy enough to put together a list, but since the advent of the QO don't players offered the QO that reject it end up signing really late in the off-season? I vaguely remember one recently that didn't sign until after spring training...
  14. vadertime

    Red Sox in season discussion

    Shoot. Another year of a full time DH.
  15. vadertime

    Hyers declines to return as hitting coach (Athletic)

    Is the job even vacant? I thought I saw the assistant coach was already prompted.
  16. vadertime

    Poll: How long will the MLB lockout last?

    I don't think any season will be lost, if it comes down to it they'll use (or try to) replacements ike the last time.
  17. vadertime

    NFL Week 8 game thread

    Should've just dropped down and taken knees. Probably only 1% chance TB gets 2 scores, but why chance it.
  18. vadertime

    JD: In or Out?

    I think a lot depends on the ankle. I remember a report saying it was worse than they were saying and would require off-season surgery. If that's the case I think he opts-in and takes the sure thing as there won't be a long line of teams going after him with that uncertainty.