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  1. Madmartigan

    Week 1 vs. Eagles: A New Beginning

    Holy fuck they’re bad
  2. Madmartigan

    When Is It Okay To Worry About Triston Casas: An Attempt at the Reverse Jinx

    .871 OPS and 23 HR in about 400 AB at age 23. Lock him up for the next decade please.
  3. Madmartigan

    9/1 vs. the Royals. I'm so excited.

    Yeah. Much more likely than going on a run against all these good teams is a month of poor play and a near .500 finish.
  4. Madmartigan

    Messi to MLS!

    Is HOF former ball players doing photography a thing now? Doesn’t Randy Johnson do this too?
  5. Madmartigan

    Astros-Sox - 8/29

    When is the last time neither the Sox nor Yanks made the playoffs?
  6. Madmartigan

    Shohei Ohtani's future....

    So Ohtani, still in there at DH, hit a 2B that was apparently his 8th hardest hit ball of the season. Is this sustainable? Swinging a bat can’t be good for him, right?
  7. Madmartigan

    Following Former Red Sox 2023

    Speaking of Mookie, he’s got a five hit game today bringing him to .308/.402/.604 now. Just a monster season for the guy.
  8. Madmartigan

    8/24/23 - Boston at Houston pt 2

    following on gameday, did Devers just do something stupid on the bases?
  9. Madmartigan

    8/20 Beat the MFY

    Brace for nut punch
  10. Madmartigan

    Build my new PC

    I had to look up tons of stuff too, and some of the manuals were surprisingly useless. For example, I’d never installed a PCIE SSD before and the manual had just a shitty diagram but really didn’t indicate that (according to youtube) you should slide in the drive at a 30 degree angle. $150 is...
  11. Madmartigan

    Build my new PC

    Bumping this thread. I’ve built a couple gaming PCs — my last one more than a decade ago — so naturally I was called upon to put together my 12 year old nephew’s new system. Holy shit was it an ordeal. Tons of fans and a liquid cooler, just figuring out the correct fan orientation for each...
  12. Madmartigan

    Following Former Red Sox 2023

  13. Madmartigan

    July 22 Mets @Fenway

    Casas has become kinda legit huh
  14. Madmartigan

    June MLB Thread

    #29 for Ohtani, 14 in June. I read he has the highest OPS among qualified hitters and second lowest OPS-against among qualified pitchers. Crazy stuff.
  15. Madmartigan

    6.25 - I don't like this lineup

    Nice little series loss to a bottom dweller. .500 team gonna .500.
  16. Madmartigan

    May 30th -- Redlegs at Boston

    This team has the stench of .500 about them
  17. Madmartigan

    Only God Can Judge Judge

    Have to admit I kind of like that Judge chose to own a dachshund.
  18. Madmartigan

    5/5/2023 Boston @ Philadelphia

    Masa’s gonna win the batting title
  19. Madmartigan

    5/4/2023 Toronto @ Boston - "Broom shakalaka!"

    Yeah this team is rolling