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  1. SaladParmesan

    2021 Golf Thread

    Cool, thanks for sharing this. Definitely sounds like it's in the right hands to make the most of the property from a pure golf perspective- guess it's more rounds at Butternut and Stow Acres for me.
  2. SaladParmesan

    2021 Golf Thread

    Wow, I missed the news of the Int'l being sold. I had been looking into joining last year, before.... everything happened. Looks like details are pretty scarce online, is there anywhere to read about the course updates?
  3. SaladParmesan

    Patriots sign Dion Lewis to a 2-year extension

    In case you "can't wait" for a GIF...
  4. SaladParmesan

    ALDS Game Thread

    NB: Stros-Royals game is actually at 7:37 tonight
  5. SaladParmesan

    Xander Bogaerts: Silver Slugger and Herald of Galactus

    With a relatively hot finish to the season, X also has an outside shot at a batting title. Miguel Cabrera was hitting .361 earlier this month, but an 0 for 19 skid (ongoing) has him down to .335, .014 ahead of Bogaerts. Cabrera also has missed some time this year with a calf injury and currently...
  6. SaladParmesan

    The 9th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Shelby Miller
  7. SaladParmesan

    NBA 2014-2015 Game Thread

    Klay Thompson is NBA Jam level on fire right now
  8. SaladParmesan

    2014 FA: Building 19 Opened for Bizzness

    He didn't. It's not the real Schefter.
  9. SaladParmesan

    NFL Sunday Ticket now available via PS3

    Still interested in the mirroring capability on Apple TV through either iPhone or Mac... If I recall, NBA streaming has figured out a way to block this. Elsewhere on the site I find this: [size=3] But not sure how up to date that is or if it refers to mirroring at all.
  10. SaladParmesan

    NFL Sunday Ticket now available via PS3

    Interesting- thanks. Yea, I've been working here in Houston for 4 years, and usually end up watching a terrible online stream or listening on my Sirius app. I mirror your views on watching at home rather than a bar, so I may consider this. Anyone know whether I'd be able to send the DirecTV feed...
  11. SaladParmesan

    Mad Dog Radio With Chris Russo on Sirius XM

    I heard this segment on my way home from golf today- the part where he's talking about his backhand had me laughing out loud.
  12. SaladParmesan

    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    Ironic, since in his own column he wishes a happy 40th to Joe Hesketh.
  13. SaladParmesan

    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    Im pretty sure he's referring to the former, but I'm not sure where you are getting confused. We are 13-0. To get to 15-0, we must beat the Jets and Dolphins in consecutive weeks. They have combined for 3 wins, suggesting that neither team is very good. Thus, it should be easy to progress...