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    2024 Core

    BTV has this as an even swap: Sox send Pivetta, Verdugo to Brewers for Burnes, Yelich, $27M 2024 Salary Arb - Pivetta (5.35 in 2023, FA in 2025) Arb - Verdugo (6.30 in 2023, FA in 2025) Arb - Burnes (10.01 in 2023, FA in 2025) 26.0 - Yelich (26.0 through 2028, 20.0 vesting option in 2029) If...
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    What does the Red Sox outfield look like in 2024?

    Not that I'm advocating for it, but the trade simulator (I know) says that Verdugo to Brewers for Burnes and Yelich (5 more years @ $26M plus $20M vesting option) is an overpay by the Sox. With money to spend, add Yamamoto and the staff is looking rather strongish next year. Point being, I...
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    Trade Deadline Approach

    You might find the poll results at the top of each page of this thread interesting. Or maybe not.
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    Red Sox acquire Mauricio Llovera

    Me gusta esto
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    2023 Bullpen

    Although I think they're looking for a catcher...
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    The Uniform

    They should wear the red hats at home and blue on the road.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    I haven't read CHB for years, so I can only assume he's still as intolerable as ever - sounds like that's the case. I highly recommend just skipping right past any story with his name on it. Cheers.
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    Sox Sign OF Adam Duvall to 1 year deal

    Why wouldn't Refsnyder leadoff, as he already has been against LHP? I get that we just lost our five-hitter, but still, why not just make adjustments from five thru nine?
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    2023 Starting Rotation

    View: Garrett Whitlock is in the clubhouse and said he’s pitching Tuesday at Tampa. Guessing Crawford is optioned back to Woostah after his start tomorrow.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    Fairens. Fair weather Karens.
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    Beat The Clock

    I was thinking about this, too. Managers are going to have to read pitchers and situations more quickly now to get guys up in the 'pen early enough for them to get warmed up.
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    Which Batter is More Productive?

    Excellent, thank you!
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    Which Batter is More Productive?

    Thanks for the interesting question and explanation. The Run Expectancy chart reminds me of a question I've long had. The values in the chart sum up the total number of expected runs among all instances of each outs-runners combo over the measurement time period, which includes all the "low...
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    Which Batter is More Productive?

    In this case I'd tend to look at defining Productivity as total Bases (lower-case t as we're including walks) per PA, or BPA, which Baseball Jones and Yo La Tengo were alluding to. Using Yo La Tengo's numbers, I'd go with Player B: Player A: 473 TB + 73 BB = 546 Bases, .546 BPA Player B: 438...
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    Henry & Bloom booed at Winter Weekend

    I must admit that I'm optimistic about this year and the next few. I'm always in can't-wait-for-games-to-start mode in mid-January, but, holy shite, amid all the endless anti- and pro-Bloom back and forth, I don't know that I've ever looked forward so much to Truck Day (less than two weeks!)...
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    RIP Bill Campbell

    Ah, Don Zimmer, how do I loathe thee, let me count the ways... RIP, Soup.
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    Poll: Who Will Play the Most Games at Shortstop for the '23 Red Sox?

    If they're not confident about Story at SS, then Kim for Houck and Dalbec, or Rojas for Duran and Dalbec (although the trade simulator [I know] says Dalbec is not needed for either trade to balance). I'd prefer the latter as I like Houck, but Dalbec could be part of a cheap 1B platoon for...
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    Red Sox sign Justin Turner

    I think you have to put Turner near the top because he gets on base. There may be another move or two, but for now (with last three years of OBP): LF Yoshida L DH Turner R.....350, .361, .372 3B Devers L.....358, .352, .361 SS Story R......303, .329, .363 RF Verdugo L....328, .351, .342 2B...