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  1. splendid splinter

    9/14/2023 - PLAYOFF YORDANNY

    I hope the Drive win tonight or things could get a bit messy. It’s Euphoria weekend here - a big food and wine festival - and there’s an event scheduled to use the park Friday night. No idea what will happen if there’s a Game 3.
  2. splendid splinter

    Minor league thread 2023

    As a Greenville SC resident who is looking forward to watching him in the playoffs, I respectfully request that you go to hell. ;-) Seriously, though, I don’t see the rush to jump him again at age 19, and I think there’s value in letting him experience some playoff baseball at a level where’s...
  3. splendid splinter

    2023 MLB Draft

    I thought the general trend with the Sox (and most teams) was to draft “up the middle” position players early on. C, SS, 2B (less so), CF.
  4. splendid splinter

    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    I was very happy with Mazzulla's use of timeouts last night. In particular, he called a couple when the Cs made a couple of foolish plays. Tatum razzle-dazzle dribbling near the top of the key and then trying to whip a pass to the opposite wing, only to get it picked off. Smart trying a near...
  5. splendid splinter

    Pats Round1 Pick #17: CB Christian "The Steal" Gonzalez

    To me he sort of looks like Rick Fox and Rajon Rondo had a baby.
  6. splendid splinter

    A’s have signed a binding agreement to purchase land for a future ballpark in Las Vegas.

    I don’t know, that’s a little less than 5000 out-of-town fans for each home game. That doesn’t sound outlandish. Vegas doesn’t care if they’re coming from an hour away or flying in from LA or NYC.
  7. splendid splinter

    Beat The Clock

    For sure, early on some guys are going to see what they can get away with. I assume MLB is serious about this and the answer will ultimately be - not very much. As you noted, this wasn't an issue in MiLB. Honestly, while I understand the desire to fix the issue immediately at the MLB level...
  8. splendid splinter

    Beat The Clock

    I suppose so. But the ump will put a stop to that if he sees that the catcher is trying to slow the game down. I’m not sure why people are fantasizing about weird ways the system could be gamed. It’s not going to happen, everyone will adjust. Edit: Not intended to be an attack on you...
  9. splendid splinter

    Beat The Clock

    When the pitcher gets the ball.
  10. splendid splinter

    Beat The Clock

    I highly doubt they’d do it based on that one shift. They knew moving OF around was a possibility when they instituted the new rule. It’s also much more risky than shifting IF. If you hit a ball to the left side on an infield shift you’re probably getting a single, the LF will scoop it up...
  11. splendid splinter

    2022-23 Men's College Basketball general discussion thread

    The College Basketball Invitational (which I had never heard of before) does exactly that. I took a look at their brackets for the past few years and there have been several sub-500 teams invited. So I wouldn't be surprised if Detroit Mercy got an invite, especially with the additional...
  12. splendid splinter

    Bobby Hull Passes Away

    "Bobby Hull Traded to Flames" in the comments made me laugh.
  13. splendid splinter

    What Are Fans Entitled To?

    I think fan expectations - across all big-time professional sports - are based largely on whether you view your team as a business, or some sort of sacred public trust. If you view it as a business, you probably expect the team to make its best effort to put a winning product on the field...
  14. splendid splinter

    Offseason 2022-23 MLB Thread

    I agree, buying out several years of team control/arbitration in exchange for a hefty (but not "If you were a FA now" market) contract seems like the kind of thing the Sox should start doing. If they are not going to play in the deep, 10-year end of the contract pool then do that - lock up a...
  15. splendid splinter

    Raiders game goat thread

    I don't think that's the case. I think the draw went for way more yardage than he expected, and he had an excited "Holy shit we might win this game right here!!!" moment and made the poor decision to lateral to Meyers, who had a "Holy shit why do I suddenly have the ball?!?" moment and made the...
  16. splendid splinter

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 1 @ Miami

    I'm not sure about that, he rushes, slows down, then speeds up again when he sees the ball is snapped. I think the bigger problem was that Henry was looking in at the center for several seconds, right up to the snap. The blitzer started moving after he turned his head, and by the time Henry...
  17. splendid splinter

    April MLB Game Thread

    I thought Voit was trying to get his hands to the plate because he thought he was sliding too far inside, in case Stephenson drops the ball. He clearly shoves Stephenson's head, but I'd say it was more "shoved it out of the way so he could touch the plate" than "slammed it to the ground", at...
  18. splendid splinter

    Celtics vs. Nets, Round 1 Discussion

    Even the "recruiting other players to join you" path can lead to a significant number of fans hating on you. There seem to be two cardinal rules when it comes to NBA free agency. 1. Don't join an existing super-team if you're a superstar player. Durant broke this rule in a lot of people's...
  19. splendid splinter

    Brady is back….back again

    I think this is probably the sweet spot for breaking this news. Any earlier and he’s stepping on stories about the conference championships, any later and it’s the tournament. I doubt any kid cares that this broke while a bunch of talking heads were squabbling over who was snubbed, who didn’t...