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  1. CSteinhardt

    5/27 - Weekend At Bernie's

    If they could rebound, there wouldn't be a game 7.
  2. CSteinhardt

    Pats Round 2 Pick #46: DE Keion "Let's Party" White

    I think the difference is that apart from the very top talents who could play earlier but are forced to wait a couple of years, players will declare for the draft not at fixed age or fixed place in their development curve, but at a fixed skill level -- when they first reach a high enough level...
  3. CSteinhardt

    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    Mookie's had a very strong first two years. But I don't think you would want to pay him $304M/10 starting in 2023. Even with those great first two years, it's already a bad contract, just not as bad at it would have been if he didn't have two excellent years. If you were running the Sox...
  4. CSteinhardt

    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    This is essentially exactly why I support what Bloom is doing. The value of stars on the open market is that they receive contracts essentially guaranteed to be albatrosses. There was no way to re-sign Xander without a contract in the range of what he actually got, and that contract will...
  5. CSteinhardt

    The Nepo Shuffle -- The 2021 World Chess Championship

    Catching online cheaters is usually easy because online cheaters generally aren't very good. If I simply replace myself with an engine, it's not going to look very human. And most online cheaters aren't very good players, so that's the only option they have. But a clever cheater is much...
  6. CSteinhardt

    The Nepo Shuffle -- The 2021 World Chess Championship

    The problem is that proving cheating in chess is essentially impossible. Rausis was essentially known to be cheating for a couple of years before he was finally caught. A consequence of the computers being so much stronger than the humans is that you don't even need to enlist an expert to...
  7. CSteinhardt

    Sox acquire Eric Hosmer

    Agreed - this doesn't have to be part of a larger plan. It's adding assets to the team, and any time you can do that essentially for free, you do so because those assets will be useful later. Hosmer's not a great asset, so this isn't the sort of move you build a plan around, but it's the sort...
  8. CSteinhardt

    Celtics trade Josh Richardson, Romeo Langford and a 1st round pick to Spurs for Derrick White

    Seems like a good place to ask a bit about the NBA trade rules, since I'm not sure I quite have this right. The Celtics traded Romeo, so if he had a longer-term contract, they could not re-acquire him for one year, right? However, if his contract expires, then they can sign him July 1. What...
  9. CSteinhardt

    What do we have here? Are the C's for real?

    This team has actually ended up being pretty close to what I thought it would be before the season started - just under 50 wins, a solid crunch time lineup, but still clearly weaker than the top of the conference. I think it's important to keep in mind that the recent improvement has come with...
  10. CSteinhardt

    Brian Flores suing NFL, Giants over "sham" Rooney rule - "mistakenly" (?) sent Belichick text may be linchpin

    The more I think about this, the more I get confused by the legal argument hinging on the Giants hiring process specifically. As I understand it (and I am very much not a lawyer), the Rooney rule is an NFL rule, not a legal hiring requirement. So if the Giants did not comply with the rule...
  11. CSteinhardt

    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    I guess Washington Generals was already taken?
  12. CSteinhardt

    NFL’s new HMA plans

    It's perhaps somewhere down on the long list of things wrong with this but...doesn't Buffalo actually have a bunch of fans in Canada?
  13. CSteinhardt

    The nation's tears are still here

    I'm confused by this. Suppose that the offensive lines up in an illegal formation. Isn't the correct thing to do to let them snap it, then you'll get a flag (and a free play to make something good happen)? Why would you take a timeout in response to something you think is an illegal formation?
  14. CSteinhardt

    Formula 1 - 2021 - Chasing down Lewis?

    I wanted to see somebody dethrone Hamilton, but man, Verstappen is such a dirty driver. I think I'm rooting for Hamilton in the finale.
  15. CSteinhardt

    NFL Officiating: Zebras gone wild

    Wouldn't surprise me if that was part of the training. As a soccer referee, we're taught that often the right reaction to a dirty play is to immediately, loudly, and showily make it clear that you've got it under control and aren't going to tolerate this, because it stops the other team from...
  16. CSteinhardt

    ReVax! Aaron Rodgers caught the Covid!

    Take away a Patriots 3rd rounder? Or you think this is more serious and needs a higher pick?
  17. CSteinhardt

    Dolphins: Year Tua

    I think at this point in the college season we usually think there aren't any QBs really worth high picks in the draft, but by draft time, a handful end up separating themselves. Won't be as deep as last year appeared to be, but I suspect there will be a couple of QBs who GMs talk themselves...
  18. CSteinhardt

    The "All Noun" Team

    CHICKEN WOLF on the bench, 19th century outfielder who seemed to play a little bit of everything
  19. CSteinhardt

    Evander Kane accused of betting on hockey

    Casinos don't ask me who I am when I place a bet (or cash one)
  20. CSteinhardt

    Euro 2020 day 2 game thread: Waiting for Lukaku

    The park is only a few hundred meters from the hospital I'd expect them to take him to, so at least that part will be very quick. So I assume that treating him on the pitch means that it was the recommended procedure, and hopefully taking him off means that he's stable enough to transport.