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    2024 Core

    The Sox need a right handed hitting RF'er with power. And they need two or three starting pitchers. The chips for those......without talking Mayer, Teel, Anthony (lefty, lefty, lefty).....are Verdugo and Duran. I think Rafaela has done enough to be given centerfield. Yes, SSS and...
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    JWH and Bloom in Light of Mookie's Comments

    THIS 100%. Mookie was quoted as saying, "I'm going to test free agency", "I'm betting on myself to free agency" on multiple occasions before the trade. Were these negotiating tactics or his real viewpoint? Maybe it was pure negotiating tactics, but he said it, multiple times. I did and...
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    8/22/2023 Against the Astros of Houston

    He's on fire! Throw him right at it.
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    Just how good was Nomar Garciaparra?

    On April 20, 2003 (the day before Patriots Day), Nomar hit a walk off home run to beat the Blue Jays. My daughters were at the game, the younger one (who was 7 at the time) was pleading for Nomar to hit a home run so she could leave the game. We were all ecstatic, but none more than Meghan...
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    Noah's Arc: Song back, assigned to GVL.

    The difference between Noah Song and most (all others ever drafted?) Rule 5 draftees is that he has a Navy degree and all the Navy connections. I've seen some people equate the academies to Ivy League schools. He received an engineering degree and trained as a pilot - that's worth hundreds of...
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    Noah's Arc: Song back, assigned to GVL.

    I'm glad his back in the fold. He's 26 years old (5.28.97). He was, and can be, an exciting prospect. I hope the Sox let him work through High A this year and much of next, just logging inning. Let him pitch for the next year plus and forget about him. If his velocity increases, he has...
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    Baseball America Top 100 ‘23: 5 Red Sox

    From Law: "He’s a true shortstop who’s a plus defender there already and could end up more than that depending on how his body develops. I’d be shocked if he wound up moving to another position, although I know some scouts think he might end up at third base..."
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    Boston Red Sox select Kyle Teel in the 2023 MLB draft.

    The Athletic has a couple great articles on him. Keith Law's analysis had him as "left handed hitting Jason Kendall" In Jen McCaffrey's article his athleticism is compared to Buster Posey (not saying he will...
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    Cutting the Cord Early. How Have the Sox Done?

    Really? Curt Schilling? Really? That's crazy revisionists history. This is a man that put it all on the line in 2004. No one.... did more for his team when he could have packed it in. I know it's easy to crap all over him today....but what CF'ing Schilling did in October 2004 is...
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    It's the quarter mark. Where are we at?

    I've wondered if there should be a Strength of Opponent metric with measures how good / bad the opponent was playing (and I'm making this up) the two series before playing and the two series immediately after playing. Two series on either side, plus the current series would generally capture...
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    It's the quarter mark. Where are we at?

    I voted About as Expected Positionally, Starting Pitching - started much worse, current trending to much better. Sale appears to be returning to form. Overall - About as expected; Relief Pitching - large improvement over last year, even in light of two horrific blow saves. About as...
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    Pitcher Metrics. The No WAR Zone.

    It's amazing how hard it is to compare different times. In 1972 Ryan made 39 starts (30% more than Pedro) with 284 innings. He averaged 7 1/3 innings per outing. Pedro pitched 199 innings and averaged 6 2/3 innings per start. Ryan averaged 10.4 strikes per nine inning and 20 complete games...
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    Pitcher Metrics. The No WAR Zone.

    But isn't that exactly what ERA + captures? The pitchers performance vs the rest of the league. Not being a wise guy. If you said you can only look at three metrics for pitcher performance, mine would be ERA +, WHIP and K/BB ratio. As advanced metrics move forward, do we also need to...
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    Noah's Arc: Song back, assigned to GVL.

    I did a quick research to find out what's happened in April, and he's still on the 15 day DL. How long do the Phillies get to just let Song be on the 15 day DL? At what point do the Sox raise there hand in protest to MLB? If I understand correctly, the rules are different if he goes on...
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    Verdugo 2023

    Here's '23 and Career: SUMMARY WAR AB H HR BA R RBI SB OBP SLG OPS OPS+ 2023 1.2 122 38 5 0.311 24 18 2 0.373 0.508 0.881 138 Career 9.7 1903 548 49 0.288 278 219 17 0.343 0.436 0.779 109 If I squint and don't look at his arm, I can see this guy (clubhouse leader, embraces the Boston...
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    Extreme Makeover: The Jarren Duran Edition

    It's from an article in the Athletic: The biggest difference Duran feels in himself, though, has been his mental approach. Last season he was afraid to make mistakes and the pressure compounded on him. This...
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    2023 ST Game Thread

    Well if you exclude the 3 starts vs the Braves and the 1 start vs the Twins, Houck's looked good. And if he could then eliminate that one vs the Yankees, he's been unhittable. Seriously, it's spring training. Maybe he's been working though a new pitch. But, I'd suggest it needs to say in...
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    Noah's Arc: Song back, assigned to GVL.

    There's getting the check...and there is looking out for his career. He can earn 720k minimum this year (I actually don't know what happens when he's on the IL). And if he doesn't really pitch, it sets him backwards. This is a Naval Academy graduate with an engineering degree, not a high...
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    Noah's Arc: Song back, assigned to GVL.

    The Athletic has a great article. The only team in baseball who doesn't need to have him on it's 40 man roster is the Boston Red Sox. For everyone else, he needs to stay on the 26 man roster this year and on the 40 thereafter (unless he clears waivers after this season is over). I believe I...