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  1. Sad Sam Jones

    August MLB Thread

    I think the Royals and Padres account for everyone else's losing records.
  2. Sad Sam Jones

    The Other Grid Game... Crossover Grid

    Managed a 9/9 on both games today, but I think this was the better of the two. Surprised my center square didn't hurt my ranking more. EDIT: I just checked to see how close Carlos Santana is to the 300 HR club and I missed that he just joined it over the weekend.
  3. Sad Sam Jones

    Joey Votto: Hall of Famer?

    Jack Morris was just as bad – better or worse depending on how much weight you want to give a few post-season innings – and was in the Hall of Fame before Baines, by the same means.
  4. Sad Sam Jones

    September MLB Thread

    I think with this being the final day of the AAA season, Cleveland should have left Dr Sticks down there for one more rehab start. He can't locate anything today and the Orioles aren't going to do him any favors. McKenzie still could have made his return to Cleveland later this week.
  5. Sad Sam Jones

    Immaculate Grid: Show Off Your Useless Baseball Depth Knowledge!

    9/9, 24. This was quick and easy, and since I was never going to remember hitting 40 home runs for the Padres, I think it's about as good as I could have done.
  6. Sad Sam Jones

    CFB 2023 Week 4: A thread for fairly serious CFB fans

    Since I'd rather see them both lose, this is probably going as well as I could hope.
  7. Sad Sam Jones

    September MLB Thread

    With the upper management move to Chris Getz, I wonder if Pedro Grifol gets a second year with the White Sox. I haven't seen any evidence this year that he understands what the job of a major league manager entails. I'd have thought anyone following Tony LaRussa would look like a genius by...
  8. Sad Sam Jones

    Leagues of Their Own

    Taking this thread in a different direction... Last month I made my fourth trip to Cooperstown but my first in 12 years. I've collected a couple of infielders gloves from the 1940s & '50s and two baseball bats and a catcher's mask from the 1930s. I also have old planks from my grandpa's barn...
  9. Sad Sam Jones

    How Much Do You Want Your Team To Bid For Yamamoto?

    As a Cleveland fan, these things never cross my mind because outbidding the rest of the pack isn't even within the realm of possibilities... which makes me thankful they can keep churning out young arms and compete as long as 3 or more of them don't spend half the year on the IL.
  10. Sad Sam Jones

    Immaculate Grid: Show Off Your Useless Baseball Depth Knowledge!

    I thought today was a little more fun than usual, but I agree the boredom sometimes sets in now as the team combos repeat themselves. There are at least a couple of obscure players from my youth who I'm still keeping in mind for the occasion that the right combo comes up, but meanwhile I have to...
  11. Sad Sam Jones

    Immaculate Grid: Show Off Your Useless Baseball Depth Knowledge!

    9/9, 37. My mind went blank on Cubs MVP. Otherwise, this would have been a really good score.
  12. Sad Sam Jones

    Fitted in Black - The History and Impact of the Chicago White Sox 1990 Rebranding

    The White Sox were my 2nd team in the days of The Big Hurt, Black Jack and Tim Raines... as an Indians fan back then, I always needed another team to root for that might play meaningful games after Memorial Day and it was before realignment made them division rivals. In 1992 I bought a replica...
  13. Sad Sam Jones

    Kyle Schwarber goes to WAR

    Scwarber's stolen base numbers across his career are bizarre as well. Last season he successfully swiped 10 bases in 11 attempts. Even with the rule and equipment changes, he has zero successful attempts this year... and had just one two years ago. Outside of 2022, he's only stolen 12 bases in...
  14. Sad Sam Jones

    2023 Guardians: Contending Ugly

    Gabriel Arias Career vs. LHP: 130 AB, .100/.176/.177 Career w/2 strikes: 208 AB, .111/.198/.168 Why they continue trying to make this guy a full-time starter is beyond me.
  15. Sad Sam Jones

    2023 Irrevocable Waiver Period (lol Angels)

    Cleveland also waived Matt Moore, who has been claimed by Miami. The Guardians needed to clear a roster spot in order to activate Shane Bieber from the 60-day IL. Bieber will rejoin the team in a start against the Orioles on Friday.
  16. Sad Sam Jones

    Immaculate Grid: Show Off Your Useless Baseball Depth Knowledge!

    9/9 RS: 12 ...surprised all the 30+ SB guys were so low.
  17. Sad Sam Jones

    So....who is the new GM/head of baseball ops?

    I can't think of a better way to get 29 MLB GMs to stop returning your phone calls than to have them waste their time and energy working out a deal with the GM only to have it nixed by someone else. If other teams thought Bloom was difficult to deal with, this certainly wouldn't be the remedy.
  18. Sad Sam Jones

    Rays announcing new St. Pete stadium

    Is this heaven? No, it's just The Gas.
  19. Sad Sam Jones

    So....who is the new GM/head of baseball ops?

    I think this was pretty obvious. Antonetti has been with Cleveland for nearly a quarter-century and has been their baseball guy almost since day one... Shapiro was a personnel guy (he had a knack for hiring the right people for the right job) and brought Antonetti in to be one of the first in a...
  20. Sad Sam Jones

    Rays announcing new St. Pete stadium

    Sounds like it would make more sense to just powerwash Tropicana and put some new air fresheners in the restrooms.