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    Celtics 2019-2020 depth chart and roster

    Bryant is savvy and experienced in the public domain and therefore I can assume: 1. OF COURSE he would say after the fact that he "would have signed here in 1996." Doesn't make it true whatsoever 2. Your conclusion that "the Boston front office should have figured that out" is not realistic or...
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    Swihart traded to Dbacks

    Completely agree with this. His career OPS is .671 with his best single season in 2015 at .712 fueled by a .359 BABIP. Seems like a classic case of someone who just never evolved, adapted, or developed.
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    Celebrating what is

    Every Pats fan should read this. It is amazing.
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    JBJ: Elite Defender With Some Pop

    Since this post on June 13th: 47 games at .263/.343/.513 with a .304 BABIP. Not really "falling fast" anymore. Good times.
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    Swihart's second rodeo

    His throw was atrocious. I would guess it hit the ground 15’ in front of the bag. He has almost no power at the plate. His hit to RF was a routine fly ball. And those tag plays are common little league plays. I saw a totally different Swihart tonight than you saw. I have little hope he will a...
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    JBJ: Elite Defender With Some Pop

    It's a good thing he's not the designated hitter for the 2018 Boston Red Sox or we would be in deep shit. He is an elite defensive centerfielder with extremely volatile hitting results. Rather than looking at his offense in a vacuum, how about looking at his overall...
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    Very nice! It's great to see Patriot love in West Africa! :-)

    Very nice! It's great to see Patriot love in West Africa! :-)
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    I saw your post and pic about Patriots support in West Africa. Do you live or work there? I am...

    I saw your post and pic about Patriots support in West Africa. Do you live or work there? I am from Nigeria!
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    Sox made a deal for abad, not a bad deal.
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    How Good Are The Sox Now?

    2004 SS Reese/Cabrera/Nomar - .716, 82 RF Kapler/Nixon - .758, 93
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    How Good Are The Sox Now?

    WTF. The '03 and '04 teams did this, but not really? 2003 C Varitek - .863, 120 1b Millar - .820, 110 2b Walker - .760, 95 3b Mueller - .938, 140 SS Nomar - .870, 121 LF Manny - 1.014, 159 CF Damon - .750, 94 RF Nixon - .975, 148 DH Ortiz - .961, 141 2004 C Varitek - .872, 121 1b Millar -...
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    Joe Kelly will stay in rotation

    The adjustments were probably in the form of AAA hitters instead of the MLB hitters that are, you know, better. I suspect we will see more of the same 'ol tantalizing Kelly.   edit: or what j44thor said
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    Thanks for posting that.  Always thought he was pretty entertaining albeit quite smug.  But that rant had nothing to do with him being a moron.  It probably spoke more to his listenership.  I connected with it, but I guess if you're a gamer, you would be offended. 
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    Michael Chavis, SS: 2014 MLB Draft 26th overall

    In 2 professional seasons to begin his career, Michael Chavis is striking out at quite a high rate - 25.3% in 2014 and 34.0% in 2015.  FanGraphs considers  27.5% to be awful.
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    Lester: Stop Believing What You Read on Twitter.

      I don't want to derail the topic, but I keep seeing multiple references to Steamer on the main board as gospel for future projections.  I have my doubts about the projections (their website doesn't seem to share much about the system).  If they are so believable, (Shields + Porcello) over...
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    Would you, could you trade Mike Napoli?

    Based on what, some random anecdotal information? Or is there actual evidence to support this?
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    Anthony! Anthony!

    Well after the first 5 starts of his MLB career, it hasn't been pretty    Season Team W L SV G GS IP K/9 BB/9 HR/9 BABIP LOB% GB% HR/FB ERA FIP xFIP WAR  2014 Red Sox 3 2 0 5 5 26.2 3.38 4.05 2.7 0.239 83.90% 31.20% 16.70% 5.4 7.62 5.98 -0.5      Hugely disappointing given his success in AAA. ...
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    Will Middlebrooks: Now or never

    After the sizzling start, he's now at .175/.208/.383 in 120 AB while striking out 42% of the time.
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    8/14 MiLB Gameday: Double Doubleheaders

    Would also be nice to know what has changed in terms of the defense playing behind him (especially given the promotions of plus defenders such as Marrero, Mookie, etc,).
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    Brian Johnson

    Ho hum just another day at the office for Brian.   6 ip, 4 h, 1 r, 1 er, 2 bb, 5 k   For the season: 131 ip, 98 h, 41 r, 33 er, 37 bb, 121 k (1.03 whip 2.26 era)   People on this board must think he's closer to Abe Alvarez than Henry Owens.