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    Win the Series

    I agree, a great ballpark with great fans. I go to see the Sox play the A's most years (not this year, don't blame me for that series!) and the contrast between Oracle and the Coliseum is night and day. Probably objectively the best and worst ballparks in MLB. I've been out here for 20 years...
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    Win the Series

    Tell me about it. I was at both games. Blame me, the Sox won the only game in the series I wasn't at.
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    July 29 Giants @Oracle

    On the ferry from Oakland to Oracle Park with my 5 year old. It's his first Red Sox game. Hopefully he'll get to see lots of Red Sox bombs. Mostly he'll be eating pizza and playing games on my phone.
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    July 28 Giants @Oracle

    Hopefully Casas bombs and Devers bombs and Duvall bombs and Yoshida bombs and maybe even Chang bombs!
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    July 28 Giants @Oracle

    I was at that one too. Price - Bumgarner, I think the Sox lost 2-1. I always see the Sox when they are in Oakland, but would much rather go to Oracle Park than the Coliseum. I'm going to see the Saturday and Sunday games in this series. Look for me in my Eckersley Red Sox jersey and 70s cap 10...
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    May 30th -- Redlegs at Boston

    My company gave me six weeks paternity leave when my children were born. Kluber deserves no less. Maybe more?