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  1. riveraulwick

    2023 NHL Draft

    Thank you so much for all your effort on the draft. Super appreciated.
  2. riveraulwick

    Silver Dollar - The Official 2022-23 NBA Betting Thread!

    Thank you so much HRB. I had Miami +8 and o/217 and then, in a fit of trust in your insight, placed a Miami straight up wager right before gametime. Choking on winnings this morning.
  3. riveraulwick

    Silver Dollar - The Official 2022-23 NBA Betting Thread!

    Really hope you don't go HRB. I check this and the other basketball threads just for your content and insight.
  4. riveraulwick

    3/18 @ Minnesota: Walk on the Wild Side

    What is Carlo doing there?
  5. riveraulwick

    What’s Different About This Year

    One thing that jumps out to me about this team,and is common trait of most powerhouse hockey teams, is leadership. There is an incredibly high standard for accountability both on and off the ice. It obviously starts with Bergy but it includes having Kreji back and high energy characters like...
  6. riveraulwick

    6/5 - Everything is Hall Right

    Did not need to shoot so quickly
  7. riveraulwick

    5/31- Game 2 Islanders @ Bruins

    Same damn defense pairing
  8. riveraulwick

    5/29- Game 1 Islanders @ Bruins

    Pasta with the Brady pump fake
  9. riveraulwick

    5/19- Game 3 Capitals @ Bruins

    Why the whistle?
  10. riveraulwick

    5/15 - Hall Aboard the Playoff Train

    The fact they are tied playing the way they are is a good sign
  11. riveraulwick

    Let's talk possible 1st round opponents

    In any other year I would be scoreboard watching and have a clear desire for a specific matching. This year all I care about is team health. With a healthy lineup I feel like the Bruins can take anyone in the East. Home ice advantage is a cherry on top.
  12. riveraulwick

    4/13 - The Bruins Get a "Hall" Pass

    Omg that made me laugh so loud my dog looked concerned
  13. riveraulwick

    Game 1 - Bruins vs. Canes

    Huge game to get their playoff legs under them
  14. riveraulwick

    Cole To Yankees 9 Years $324 Million

    4 world series championships makes it infinitely easier to evaluate this signing with objectivity.
  15. riveraulwick

    Game 3 - Bruins @ Canes

    Heard a lot of Tuuuuuk on that last save
  16. riveraulwick

    Let's Talk Exten$ions...

    Any rationale as to why he would do that?
  17. riveraulwick

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    And in a division with two 100 game winning teams no less.