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    2023 Washington Nationals: "Juuust a bit outside..."

    Fangraphs' Effectively Wild podcast for 7/7 discusses a weird record the Nats are contending for. Nats have been surprisingly good on the road and just awful at home. By a couple of measures, they may in worst place. The difference the Nats overall winning % and their road winning % is close to...
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    2023 Washington Nationals: "Juuust a bit outside..."

    FWIW, there are at least 4 candidates for the 60 day IL - Cavalli, Rainey, Strasburg, and Victor Arano. . That leaves spots for 4 NRIs. Kuhl will get one spot. Anthony Banda would need a spot if they decide to...
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    2023 Washington Nationals: "Juuust a bit outside..."

    With Cade Cavalli out for the season due to Tommy John Surgery, it looks like the Nats are going to insert Chad Kuhl as their 5th starter, per multiple reports. Too bad. Cavalli looked very good in his few appearances this spring. MLTR runs through other options, like trying to stretch out Wily...
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    2023 Washington Nationals: "Juuust a bit outside..."

    I think Garrett is penciled in on most depth charts as the LF, but I think Smith (or perhaps Thomas with Meneses in right) gets some time out there. Dom says he signed to play 1st, but Martinez has said before the signing that he liked Meneses at 1st. Adams is on a minor league contract with...
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    Juan Soto is on the trade block; rejects $440 million contract extension from Washington

    this is right. After a Soto trade, the Nationals will have no long term pieces in their lineup other than Keibert Ruiz. If you squint, Luis Garcia might have an MLB bat, and Victor Robles can field. Other than that, they really do not have a position prospect much closer than high A. Using...
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    2022 COVID Impacts on the Team.

    Mass live reports that Brasier is vaxxed. TBH, checking for my fantasy roster. Got to set it in a points league for the...
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    2022 Washington Nationals: "Going somewhere, Meat?"

    Aaron Sanchez getting a spot start today. designate Patrick Murphy for assignment. short start by Corbin forced the Nats to burn 2 long relievers (Ramirez for 3/1 and Espino for 2). Per Jesse Daugherty, Martnez is still committed to Corbin...
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    2021 Washington Nationals: Can We Just Forget 2020?

    A few Nats notes heading into the final series. Beyond the joy (dread for Sox fans?) of watching Juan Soto, other things that have been interesting to watch as they fight their way into 5th or 6th draft position have been: 1) a couple of deadline trade acquisitions have played well in September...
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    Red Sox acquire Kyle Schwarber

    His arm is not bad in the OF, it's just he's not fast and can't get to balls a normal outfielder can. You look at his career defensive ratings on Fangraphs, and his arm grades out slightly positive. Where he gets burned is on range, which can be seen from his inside edge numbers. He doesn't...
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    Trade deadline

    On the other hand, the Washington Post MLB beat reporter, Chelsea Janes, has more: Nationals are getting a lot of interest in Trea Turner, according to person familiar. Sounds like they haven’t ruled out dealing him, but would need to be presented with a total...
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    I was there. Blue was 10-1 going into that game and I think Siebert was 8-0. Sox beat Blue and the crowd started chanting "Vida Blue, 10 and 2."
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    Les Athlétisme de Montréal or The Vegas Aces?

    How would places a bit further up on the east side of the bay like Berkeley or even Richmond be as sites? Is there north-south transportation in Oakland? Would that draw from Sacramento, too? While the Howard Terminal site sounds like it'd be difficult due to the active port and some...
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    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    Jon Lester back tonight. 5 IP, no runs. Low pitch count but runners on 4 out of 5 innings. Cutter looked good. 90 MPH on his fastball.
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    April Game Thread

    Well, with Strasburg missing last year due to carpal tunnel, and him going to the 10 day injury list with shoulder inflammation after being lit up his last start, the Nats have $210 million in costs for him through 2026 and $106 million in Patrick Corbin through 2024. If you can only vote for...
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    2021 Washington Nationals: Can We Just Forget 2020?

    All players cleared now. Lester is throwing at the alternate site (Fredericksburg) and Harrison, Schwarber, and Bell are in the lineup tonight. Cards and MLB arranged for most of the team to get shots in St Louis because apparently the rules are easier their than DC...
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    2021 Washington Nationals: Can We Just Forget 2020?

    FWIW, Zuckerman (MASN) has been observing who is / is not on the field at today's practice. In addition to the 4 previously identified (Schwarber, Lester, Harrison, and Avila), the missing include Trea Turner, Josh Bell, Patrick Corbin, Yan Gomes, Brad Hand, and Jordy Mercer. Additional call...
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    Covid and MLB

    He had that, and thyroid surgery this spring. Past cancer qualifies you for the high risk group for shots even if you aren't under active treatment. That said, Rizzo reports that only one of the positives is symptomatic with a fever; the others are asymptomatic.
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    2021 Washington Nationals: Can We Just Forget 2020?

    View: The players match up with the positions of the 4 initial call ups.
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    Covid and MLB

    View: Without an announcement official announcement, the Washington Post reporter says the Nats are likely to start the week without Schwarber, Josh Harrison (2d base), Alex Avila, and Jon Lester. This matches the reported...
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    Covid and MLB

    Current Nats count is 4 positives and 5 players in quarantine as close contacts. The last day the team was together was Monday 3/29, so if there are no additional positives, it would be 7 days from contact as of Monday. Under MLB rules, that would allow the close contacts to be released from...