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  1. Mr Jums

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    I was at this game! I feel like the Giambi home run was a Yankee Stadium special (at the very least I remember it going to right). Then he just mowed them down. Just adding to the chorus that he is/was probably my favorite Red Sox player ever. I have a bit of a root for the underdog streak so...
  2. Mr Jums

    9/17 We don't need a game thread ...

    Obviously you can't control the umpires and human error and you have to still make your pitches after blown calls but still, stings to see a clear unambiguous blown call right before a walk off hit like that
  3. Mr Jums

    9/5 - I despise Tropicana

    I'm excited to see the Umpire Scorecard tomorrow
  4. Mr Jums

    8/26/23 - LAD @ Sox: Fight Back

    Lenny Dinardo, I think?
  5. Mr Jums

    Cape Cod League

    Ooo hanging out in Wellfleet this week, not sure if I can get the missus to agree but I haven't watched some good Cape Cod League baseball in years, so would love to make it if I can. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Mr Jums

    Day Game Today

    BABIP is a cruel master
  7. Mr Jums

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Honestly, it's almost encouraging that they're not down more, 0-10 from 3? Going from epically bad to merely bad and they've got this
  8. Mr Jums

    dirtynine's Digest - The Thread for Kits

    I haven't followed them long enough to associate the stripes so strongly so I do like the new one. That being said I then looked back at all the old kits and do like the stripes. I think I'd like this one as an alternate home or something but not the main one.
  9. Mr Jums

    Toucher and Rich

    The nature of my work involves frequently interacting with patients in restraints. I can say with a pretty high degree of confidence those are not medical restraints, Agree it's probably being secured to a gurney.
  10. Mr Jums

    5/27 - Weekend At Bernie's

  11. Mr Jums

    5/17 Damn Romance and Fire the Torpedoes

    The nice thing about a blow out like this is it finally gives Kevin Millar a chance to relax his laser like focus on the game and let loose a little, maybe tell an anecdote or two. Take some of that starch out of that stuffed shirt, you know?
  12. Mr Jums

    5/17 Damn Romance and Fire the Torpedoes

    Turner impressive at 1st so far tonight
  13. Mr Jums

    5/13 game thread

    Of course! Go Union Berlin!
  14. Mr Jums

    5/13 game thread

    @candylandriots should I hold off on Palace updates? Don't want to spoil anything
  15. Mr Jums

    Game 2- Sixers@Celtics

    I want to bottle this game up and save it for a day I need cheering up
  16. Mr Jums

    Game 2- Sixers@Celtics

    Guys, remember Payton Prichard? Good times
  17. Mr Jums

    2023 Bullpen

    Don't forget Joel Hanrahan! I had to remind myself when that happened, that was 2013 and they'd acquired him (and Brock Holt!) from the Pirates for Melancon, and some minor leaguers and the excitement was having both him and Bailey as these two relief ace/closers. Then like two weeks in Hanrahan...
  18. Mr Jums

    Game 7 NOTHING EASY - Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

    It did, I saw it too. It was clearly a graphics mistake, then the score and clock graphic disappeared until they fixed it