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  1. cleanturtle

    NFL introduces the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show

    That would make sense. There are also a lot of the same report out there this week, that she doesn't want to play the Super Bowl until she's done re-recording the earlier albums (the ones where she doesn't own the rights). TMZ link
  2. cleanturtle

    NFL: News and transactions

    Rap talked about it on the Around the NFL podcast this week. He said that contracts are available to those with certain kinds of NFL access that's not very high level. Apparently he was going through the contract as he does for all big contracts, and was surprised to find it. He doesn't think...
  3. cleanturtle

    Pats QB Options

    Vaccine isn't a cure all, agreed, but your anecdote doesn't suggest much given that it also takes ten days for the first shot to start being effective.
  4. cleanturtle

    2021-2028 Pats: Is Bill the man for the Re-Billed?

    The presumption here seems to be that this is the only philosophy Bill has for success in the NFL and that he's going to try and replicate it. I think his track record shows that he adjusts. Even with Brady, I don't think it was his plan to find a QB and hope they don't ask for top dollar. He...
  5. cleanturtle

    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    What you are saying is factual incorrect. Please read the study I posted and the piece written by Fawn Sharp. There has been long-term and widespread opposition from within the American Indian community. What you appear to be doing is virtue signaling, ridiculing those who care about the issue...
  6. cleanturtle

    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    I put more weight into the study I posted, in part because it's an actual study published in a peer-reviewed journal, and not just a Pew or newspaper poll. Either way, of course there are American Indians who aren't offended, because they simply don't care, or because it's simply too exhausting...
  7. cleanturtle

    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    Nothing says "virtue signaling" more than someone using the term "virtue signalers." And yes, that's the favorite poll cited by people who for some reason are fighting to keep the stereotype and the slur. Bigger and better done surveys find different results...
  8. cleanturtle

    2019 TB12: Everyday Is Like Sunday

    It's hard for me to imagine Brady moving on to another team, if only because there's not another setting that can give him what the Patriots provide. I could imagine him retiring; I doubt he will telegraph his last year whenever he decides to hang it up. Reading the tea leaves is tough. Brady...
  9. cleanturtle

    Rebirth of a Sale, man

    In the immediate aftermath of his return from the DL, I'd go with "Sale (No Longer) Away."
  10. cleanturtle

    This year's ESPN hit piece

    It didn't look out of place to me in the context of the video. A lot of the greetings in the video are generally subdued -- look at the ones that start the video. It seems more workmanlike than anything else. Now, if that's the greeting they give each other after winning the Super Bowl, I might...
  11. cleanturtle

    Divisional Round Gamethread

    But everyone from Beantown does.
  12. cleanturtle

    This year's ESPN hit piece

    This is an example of why the analysis in the article seems off to me. Wickersham's contention seems to be that BB got pissed off because he was asked to make a move that was not in the best interest of the team. And so in reply...BB makes a number of moves that are not in the best interest of...
  13. cleanturtle

    The New Mozilla Firefox

    After a dozen years using Firefox, I've switched to Waterfox. So far it's doing pretty much everything the old Firefox was able to do. The 1Password manager wouldn't work with it, so I switched to LastPass. The only glitch I'm noticing now is that tweets won't load for me on SoSH. Edit: The...
  14. cleanturtle

    Rate the trade: Irving for Thomas/Crowder/Zizic Nets 18' pick

    CBS Sports still gives the Celtics a B for this move. Of the grades you cite, only one gives it anything less than a B. Isn't that more important than whether the Celtics "win" the trade?
  15. cleanturtle

    Shank aka CHB calls out David Price calling out Eck

    @Reverend , I really appreciate that you take the issue seriously and offer an outline of your reasoning. The joke did not strike me as a lynching joke, but I would have had similar questions as @chawson if it had been something like "instead of shooting, why not string him up?" But it wasn't...
  16. cleanturtle

    Shank aka CHB calls out David Price calling out Eck

    I really appreciated this reflective statement and hope it doesn't get lost in the mix. It's troubling how often we forget this and fall into the trap of thinking of racism as a binary switch, so that something is either "racist" or not. The reality is much more complex. To say that race is not...
  17. cleanturtle

    2016 49ers: Kaep and Trade?

    That's a big if, though. The academic take isn't hot, but has been studied and vetted thoroughly over the course of decades. It only looks like a hot take if you're not aware of the depth and range of the research. I don't know Kaepernick's story well enough to know how he got there, but it...
  18. cleanturtle

    Race and the Red Sox

    My argument is that hate speech is not the same thing as free speech, nor does it automatically qualify as free speech. As you and others point out, one situation where it does not automatically qualify as free speech is when it is done in a private facility.
  19. cleanturtle

    Race and the Red Sox

    I agree with the definition of hate speech as "Racial slurs and epithets or other harsh language that has no purpose other than to injure and marginalize other people or groups." The argument for not covering it with the First Amendment is similar to why we can ban other potentially injurious...
  20. cleanturtle

    Race and the Red Sox

    Hate speech is not the same as free speech.