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    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    Jesus. One of my favorite pitchers that I ever watched and also a great human being. Prayers for his wife and her battle, and to the rest of his family.
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    September MLB Thread

    The Rays made numerous boneheaded plays in this series, getting picked off first by the catcher, terrible baserunning at times, and their pen was not good. They need to clean things up if they want to go anywhere in the playoffs. (I know half the team is hurt...)
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    2023 Mostly Belated Mathematical Eliminatory

    I always learn something from every one of these writeups (which are excellent by the way, I'll add my thanks to Cannonball) and that 5 series wins fact absolutely floored me.
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    Rolling Game Thread for the 2023 Yankees

    I'm oddly looking forward to seeing the ump scorecard from this game. I have no idea which team benefited the most from the totally random strike zone. I suspect it was the Jays based on a couple of really awful low strikes early that Gausman got, but it was pretty bad for both sides. King was...
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    Rolling Game Thread for the 2023 Yankees

    If there was an award for ugly swings, I'd give one to Stanton for his AB vs Pearson in the 9th. I dunno what he thought he was swinging at, but he missed it by 2 feet.
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    Pssssssssst 2023

    I still remember the headline on the front page of the Toronto Sun after the Sept 30 game: "000-000-00OH NO!"
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    September MLB Thread

    Yeah it was weird. Nobody else seemed to have any trouble with the mound. Neither did he until the 6th. Then suddenly he caught a spike and fell while throwing = wild pitch #1, very next pitch no apparent mound issues but he still airmailed a fastball over the catcher for wild pitch #2, and the...
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    August MLB Thread

    I've seen it a few times. Once in person at a Jays game where Kelly Gruber became the first Jay ever to hit for the cycle. He needed a single, smoked one into the gap, and pulled up at first before the fielder actually got to the ball.
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    Unusual plays

    Luke Raley hits a crazy inside-the-park HR in SF As a sidebar, one of my favorite positions to play in The Show is RF for the Giants, because I feel the game does a good job of simulating all of those weird caroms. (Also because it is fun to hear the ball go "plunk" when you hit it into the...
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    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    I don't think I knew that. When did that happen?
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    Pssssssssst 2023

    Cool. I thought every PSSSST immediately resulted in a hit.
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    Trade Deadline 2023 General Thread

    Hicks had a horrendous start to the season, but apparently sorted things out, including an adjustment to where he stands on the rubber. Since the start of May opponents are .565 OPS against him. 2.39 FIP same period. Granted he still walks more guys than you'd like, but he's got the stuff to...
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    Elly de la Cruz

    I thought the steal of 3rd came on the pitch immediately after the steal of 2nd. But there was a strike in between. It was my mistake. And yes, he is a show all unto himself.
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    Elly de la Cruz

    Whoops you're right. I was watching the game and could have sworn he took 3rd on the pitch immediately after taking 2nd. My bad. These games are too fast! Ban the pitch clock!
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    Elly de la Cruz

    It was in 2 pitches. Stealing 3 bases in 2 pitches is just silly.
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    7/1 - Happy Canada Day

    On behalf of all of Canada (because clearly I am authorized to speak for the country) I apologize that we are on fire everywhere.
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    Pssssssssst 2023

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    Pssssssssst 2023

    Me too, I just want to see the bottom of the 9th!
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    Pssssssssst 2023

    I see what you did there.
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    Luis Arráez and his chase at a .400 Batting Average

    I was surprised last night when, while rocking a 5 for 5 game, he was lifted for a pinch hitter in the 8th vs a Jays position player pitching. Seems like an obvious time to let him go for the 6th hit? The guy is a menace. I admit I wrote him off "no power" "not much speed" but wow this is fun to...