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  1. jtn46

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    Floored by this. What a loss. Ultimate team-player and a great guy.
  2. jtn46

    2023 Jets: Hello Darkness Retreat, My Old Friend

    Really, when signing a soon-to-be 40-year old QB coming off an injury-riddled season that pretty dramatically affected his performance, the time do all of this was before the season started. It was not unpredictable that the Jets would need a backup QB at some point this season, and that the...
  3. jtn46

    2023 Jets: Hello Darkness Retreat, My Old Friend

    The problem with Wentz is he throws picks. That's a ball-control offense that can't turn over the ball, and granted Zach Wilson does that now, but if they are shopping around I can see why he doesn't make any sense. Also seems generally unpopular in the locker room. I agree with the above too...
  4. jtn46

    Pats sign JuJu Smith-Schuster

    If Douglas wants to be successful in the NFL he needs to play. Bill is sending the message that if he turns over the ball trying to do too much, he will not play. His ability to get open and to get yards after the catch don't matter if he turns over the ball. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't...
  5. jtn46

    Pats sign JuJu Smith-Schuster

    Why is it foolish to bench him?
  6. jtn46

    The Red Sox have fired Chaim Bloom

    I think his issue was he kept building teams that could flip players at the deadline if they were out of it, and he does have a good eye for players like that, but the teams were mostly too competitive to do that while also not being competitive enough to be a serious contender besides ‘21 so...
  7. jtn46

    8/18 Beat the MFY

  8. jtn46

    Mouse Stuttering When Gaming

    Are your mouse and keyboard wireless? If so Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz? Could be traffic on the 2.4Ghz band. I had a Razer Mamba wireless mouse that would knock out my wifi whenever I turned it on and had to move my wifi.
  9. jtn46

    July 26 Braves@Fenway

    What a great win!
  10. jtn46

    July MLB News

    Eh, it's not like they had a tiny payroll and stood pat, they just chose the wrong guys and also had a very tough time luring good pitchers until Ohtani. I feel more sorry for say, Joey Votto who never sniffed a WS on a team that never really broke the bank to surround him with talent.
  11. jtn46

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    DirecTV Stream is good for sports for me in Fairfield County, only notably missing NFL Network. edit...and now they are adding NFL Network, though it's a Sports Package that's mostly redundant for $15, so may just pass. NFLN and Red Zone aren't worth $15 to me.
  12. jtn46

    How long will Chaim last?

    Why isn't Wacha in the aging injury prone bucket? Almost 32 and hasn't thrown more than 128 innings since 2017.
  13. jtn46

    6/9 7:05 EST- @ The Toilet.

    Devers just owns Cole.
  14. jtn46

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    The C3 is the 2023 LG OLED flagship, so you don't need to step up to the G, but it will be a couple of hundred more for the C3 over the C2.
  15. jtn46

    Cora: Pivetta is going to the bullpen as a multi-inning reliever

    I’d rather they just put Houck in the pen, but I think they’re in a tough spot because injuries will probably require someone goes back into the rotation and Pivetta makes the most sense to do that. Once Houck or Whitlock are in the pen that’s it, they’re effectively done as starting pitchers...
  16. jtn46

    Only God Can Judge Judge

    I buy the excuse, because yeah, it's pitchcom. I'd need to see if other Yankees were doing it to be suspicious that I guess the Yankees were hearing the Jays pitchcom somehow.
  17. jtn46

    Peacock to exclusively stream a playoff game

    Why is it short-sighted? Isn’t having them on Peacock more of a big picture idea than putting them on USA, where people can… watch Law and Order SVU repeats 14 hours a day? I understand with NFL games it’s different, but if you love Premiere League and want to watch it in America, Peacock is and...
  18. jtn46

    Verdugo 2023

    My devil's advocate counter to extending him would be that with Devers, Yoshida and hopefully Casas and Duran being entrenched, the Sox lineup is going to be awfully left-handed for the next 4 years. 5 lefties isn't obscene (but kind of wild team construction in Fenway Park) but could mean they...
  19. jtn46

    Pssssssssst 2023

    Something happening in Atlanta