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    What are your best offers to Devers and Bogaerts?

    FWIW, Devers' most similar batters thru age 25 on B-Ref is a horror show of guys who flamed out early. 1. Eric Chavez, zero impact seasons after age 26 (!!) 2. Ryan Zimmerman, 1 good season after age 28 3. Bob Horner, finished at 28 4. David Wright, last good, healthy season at 29 5. Scott...
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    Gitter done, Theo: let's put all our dumb I mean brilliant trade suggestions in this thread

    I've been thinking that the Sox and Giants match up in some sort of "current roster ain't working, let's shake things up" sort of way. Both teams had excellent 2021s followed by serious underperforming 2022s... both fan bases don't want to see the same guys come back with nothing more than hope...
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    Jon Jones out for the season--shoulder surgery

    Could they trade for Darius Slay? Would he fit under the cap? Would Miami trade Xavien Howard within the division? Those two names sprung to mind as Philly and Miami are already dead in the water and may be willing to move on from "older" corners in exchange for draft capital.
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    Trade deadline

    I haven't seen much mention of the Sox' near- future 40-man crunch in this thread. I think I BIG trade with Washington makes sense. Sox should target Scherzer, Josh Bell and Josh Harrison. Sox would give Downs and, say, 4 other guys who are gonna be crowded off the 40 next year. I'm...
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    Super Bowl Schwag

    ...And the corruption of the English language continues.... Somehow "schwag" (crappy weed) has replaced SWAG (an acronym for Stuff We All Get, meaning giveaways and the like) as the word of choice for hat-and-shirt-game hats and shirts.... Meanwhile, SWAG now means swagger. If it weren't for...
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    Simon Mercedes

    B-A has a great, um, film up of him (as opposed to a write-up, i guess)