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  1. thebutlerdidit

    Week 4--Pats @ Cowboys

    hahahahahahha holy shit
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    Celtics vs Hawks, Round 1 Discussion

    Yeah fair enough, I don't remember seeing the replay of the Smart foul call at the time but my impression about Trae was the same, he was making shots but I wanted to see him try to run something against the set defense because I wasn't convinced he was going to score. I felt fine about his last...
  3. thebutlerdidit

    Celtics vs Hawks, Round 1 Discussion

    I'm a huge Marcus defender generally (there is no good and bad Smart, there is just Smart) but that foul he committed at halfcourt to send Trae to the line after White's free throws was just brutal - make them run their offense and take a shot. All you need is one miss and the game is over there
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    Round 1, Game 3 - Friday, 7 p.m., against the team from Atlanta

    say what you will about the Hawks but I love that they have a live organist doing the music
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    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    I thought this was interesting re: the drop coverage on Steph, similar to what someone said above about limiting the dubs passing game View:
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    Week 12 NFL Game thread

    lol they were playing the "always sunny in Philadelphia" theme song over the PA after that Giants win
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    RD2 #5/#37: S Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne

    I read that the refs in the Denver game made the bad TD call to make sure the play would be auto reviewed - they were short-handed due to injury, didn’t have a good angle on it.
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    Steelers/Broncos Gamethread

    And we're on to denver
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    Steelers/Broncos Gamethread

    That is SO frustrating
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    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    McCarron is growing up before our very eyes
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    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Fun to watch everyone contort to not acknowledge the obvious helmet to helmet