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    NESN will show Red Sox home games in 4K HDR in 2022

    I've had a similar issue. Clicking on any of the live programming won't work until I go to the top of the screen and over to Account. I don't have to actually log in and out, but if I click on Comcast (or Xfinity or whatever) I get a message asking if I want to log out and I just cancel and go...
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    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    Three? Speaker, Hooper and who am I missing?
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    Red Sox re-sign Mitch Moreland for 2 years, 13 M

    I don't have it handy, but when he was re-signed I took a closer look at his performance in 2017, and found that it wasn't as simple as a first half - second half split. When he fouled the ball(s) off his foot in June, he kept playing and his performance was awful for (IIRC) about two months...
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    2013 Sox: Retrospective 5 Years Later; Lightning or Something More?

    The thing that always puts that season in perspective for me is this; On July 3rd, Jonny Gomes hit a PH walk-off HR to beat SD 2-1. When NESN did a "10 Most Exciting Wins of 2013" special that winter, that game didn't make the show.
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    Red Sox acquire Ian Kinsler

    He wore 5 with Texas, which Lin has been wearing. That'd be my guess.
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    Potential Trade Deadline Targets

    Yes, it’s their year-end total that matters. Hypothetically, if they trade some salary (Nunez?) they would create some space. I did a quick scan of Cots and didn’t see anyone else that seemed expendable that made enough $ that the remaining prorated amount would matter. Sending Lin to the...
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    Teddy Ballgame's last game fan film surfaces and now in color!

    Just came here to post about this. I was surprised to notice that Williams wore a protective device on his right ankle when hitting. It was also interesting to just watch his AB's unfold. The fly balls in the two preceding AB's that he later said might have gone out on a day with better weather...
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    What's your most treasured baseball card of a Sox player?

    I like this one so much, I bought the poster sized version from Topps a few years ago.
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    Shouldn't he be pissed at the inflexibility of the other 29 teams that haven't made him a better offer?
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    The Iggy-Peavy Trade Regurgitated

    I know I may be reaching, but I've often told people that acquiring Gagne made a significant contribution to winning the WS in 2007. Okajima was being used heavily and the acquisition of Gagne was supposed to help lighten Oki's workload so that he could hold up for a post-season run. They got...
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    Sox in Throwback'75 Gear

    Isn't the photo of Fisk actually the '76 uni? I think '76 was the only year they had that patch on the left arm.   I appreciate the Boog Powell photo. I've heard Boog in those Indians uniforms described as 275 pounds of chewed bubblegum.