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  1. MillarTime

    Pats Round 2 Pick #46: DE Keion "Let's Party" White

    Yeah so, this might be a great pick
  2. MillarTime

    Jaylen Brown: Will he be enough in Year 8?

    Because 26 year-old All-NBA wings are incredibly tough to find and at the very least you can't lose the asset for nothing. Will be a very tradeable contract if needed down the road as the cap increases significantly (10% a year!) over the next several years.
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    The Celtics Offseason

    Whoa baby, this would be good
  4. MillarTime

    The Celtics Offseason

    I would make this trade, but there is no way the Knicks are trading Brunson. In the grand scheme of things I think they are comparable players (obviously very different roles, but both are all-star caliber) but one is on an incredible contract and one will (arguably) be overpaid on his next...
  5. MillarTime

    The Celtics Offseason

    Jaylen+ for Bridges and Claxton+ would be super interesting if they can get the money to work.
  6. MillarTime

    The Celtics Offseason

    Exactly, no way JB goes somewhere to be a #2 to a lesser player than JT (Antman).
  7. MillarTime

    The Celtics Offseason

    Simmons was talking about JB for #3 + Simons on his Sun night podcast with Russillo. Celts could then either use the pick (if Scoot is still on the board) or trade for another high-level player.
  8. MillarTime

    Jaylen Brown, Year 7

    This. JB is a stud.
  9. MillarTime

    How to improve the WR position

    Saw that Robert Woods was released recently. Not sure if he's cooked but may be worth kicking the tires as a Meyers replacement if we pay up for DHop or Cooks.
  10. MillarTime

    Joe Mazzulla officially named head coach

    He will land in Philly if Doc is canned.
  11. MillarTime

    Dolphins Tampering thread, loss of 2 picks and Ross suspended

    Very surprised to say I feel 100% the same.
  12. MillarTime

    Would you trade Jaylen+ for Durant?

    The Lowe Post was an excellent listen today as they walked through the Celtics roster pre and post a potential trade and the Celtics would be really thin if they give up two rotation guys in addition to JB. Zach was assuming Grant would be added to a JB/Marcus package and they projected a...
  13. MillarTime

    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    100%. Brad needs to close this now or we could be looking at trying to trade Jaylen a year from now to avoid losing him for nothing.
  14. MillarTime

    Offseason Rumors/News

    Danny has to be excited about the potential of getting the Knicks draft future. Getting something like Barrett + three or four future Knicks picks would be an incredible haul.