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  1. Bowser

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    I'd put both Bortles and Mac in the "Meh" category and propose that a minimum qualification for attaining the "Pretty Decent" tier be that the QB needs to be a QB1 on his second contract. Bortles had a pretty decent 3-year run from 2015-17 -- avg season 26 TD, 16 INT, 4,007 yards -- but wasn't...
  2. Bowser

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Agreed. Or, put another way, BB won't go away from Mac until he's ready to cut bait. There's no going back, at this point, once BB expresses anything other than full confidence in him. The other observation I have is that no matter how limited Justin Fields is, he can still threaten a defense...
  3. Bowser

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    You're doing that thing again.
  4. Bowser

    Week 4--Pats @ Cowboys

    JJ McCarthy is the answer.
  5. Bowser

    Game 3 Jets, game balls

    Gonzo, Zeke, Ryland. I guess.
  6. Bowser

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    In Mac's defense, he's been handed the keys to a pop gun offense. Part of its limitations are his limitations, but it's not all on him. As a result, not every failure can be attributed to an individual player or coach. Some are due to the aggregate weaknesses of the entire operation, how it has...
  7. Bowser

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Yes, I'm with this. If we finish with a pick that might net us JJ McCarthy (or whoever), then that has to be part of the calculus. Still, I'd also love to see Mac lead us on a few game winning drives. While I believe he can be an average NFL QB, I'm reluctant to make a long term commitment to...
  8. Bowser

    Game 2 Mia, goats

    Curious as to how many starting QBs you'd prefer Mac over? Not Z Wilson or Minshew ... the QBs who started in Week 1. And not factoring in contract status. Maybe 6-7?
  9. Bowser

    Fan dies at Gillette Stadium

    Terrible. My good friend's father died in Gillette from an aneurysm in 2011. He went to the restroom near the south endzone and never came back. My friend went to find him, and the police had everything cordonded off. They wouldn't give out the name of the victim, but they allowed Bill to go...
  10. Bowser

    Game 2, Miami -- Silver Linings

    Pop Douglas (minus the obvious), because he looks like a very useful part.
  11. Bowser

    Game 2 Mia, goats

    This is EXACTLY what I'm saying ... that some of our offense's ineffectiveness is a feature and not a bug. But I'm speculating. You could be right.
  12. Bowser

    Game 2 Mia, goats

    I'm trying to come up with a way out of the Mac sucks/does not suck binary. I mean, I don't think parsing every play in order to pin the blame on Mac, the WR, OL, BoB's play design or Belichick's roster construction is an edifying strategy. Why repeatedly run up the gut on 2nd and 1? Why not...
  13. Bowser

    Game 2 Mia, goats

    I’m concerned that “Mac isn’t the problem” has become an unfalsifiable hypothesis. Set aside this throw or that. Like all QBs in the league – including backups – he is capable of making very good or great throws. And like all QBs, he’s capable of sucking, week to week. But here’s a good faith...
  14. Bowser

    Week 2 - Miami: Let’s Groove Tonight

    Boom! Suck it, Fins!
  15. Bowser

    Week 2 - Miami: Let’s Groove Tonight

    It's Van Ginkel, if that helps.
  16. Bowser

    2023 Jets: Hello Darkness Retreat, My Old Friend

    No love for this? Come on, this was good!
  17. Bowser

    Game 1 Philly, goats

    It seems like some of us are trying to answer different questions: If your question is, Can the Patriots be competitive this year? then yesterday's game was cause for optimism. Clearly, we have the makings of a very strong defense, good special teams, and, at the very least, a competent...
  18. Bowser

    Homer Hindsight: Can You Tell If It's A Home Run Off The Bat?

    Slightly on topic, but there was a hilarious HR call by Sean McDonough back around 2000 (+/- 2 years) when Derek Lowe was transitioning to starter. Lowe threw a very slurvy something, and with the ball halfway to home McDonough goes, "Oh, no!" Sure enough, the batter cranks it over the monster...
  19. Bowser

    Pats acquire OT Vederian Lowe from Vikings

    A good article on Lowe from last year. In short, high floor, low ceiling guy with the skills and character to have a career as a depth/swing tackle.