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  1. taoofoj

    Josh Gordon stepping away from football "for a bit"

    Really disappointed to hear this news. Enjoyed rooting for Josh. Get well and stay well buddy. From a team perspective, the hits just keep coming and the media is wearing out the death knell. Hopefully this galvanizes the team and they go on an epic FU run...
  2. taoofoj

    RIP Toucher and Rich Show ... It was fun while it lasted

    I love T&R but the Sarge sucks stuff is hacky; they encouraged it and that's not debatable. It's gone on for too long and Beetle let it get under his skin and acted dickish. But to me the worst part of it all - by far - was Rich's 'people who have called out the quality of the show...things...
  3. taoofoj

    The Game Ball Thread: Week 9 vs Packers

    Gilmore Gordon - should have had that additional catch - believe that was in-bounds Edelman - little bit of everything
  4. taoofoj

    For those of you who said they were cutting back or eliminating watching the NFL . . .

    I caved and have no excuse. I watch every Pats game and casually have the TV on for one of the other games - whatever the best matchup is. I said I would watch Pats only and none of the other games. I did not follow thru on that. My habits did not change. I like having football on and I...
  5. taoofoj

    How about that? Sox are Champs for the fourth time this century

    Yep in 2003 after shitty A Boone I laid in bed that night literally thinking 'what am I going to do now [with my life]?' and feeling like all the air was sucked out of my lungs. Getting so close to that elusive WS and to fall short in heartbreaking epic nut punch. Then we get...
  6. taoofoj

    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    'You are what your record says you are!' 108 wins. Beat 2 100+ win teams on the way to the WS. Handily win WS. This team was a hot knife thru butter all the way. The 2004 squad is forever the 'favorite son', but in terms of best team 2018 sets the bar. No question.
  7. taoofoj

    How about that? Sox are Champs for the fourth time this century

    It's amazing. They were in control all season long. They were so good there wasn't much room for drama. Just kept rolling. Price was such a maestro tonight my BP never went above 120/80 in a clinching game. They were just dominant all the way. Pearce and Eovaldi were pretty good pickups...
  8. taoofoj

    ARod pays up his bet with Papi

    image fail
  9. taoofoj

    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    So many blasts from the past! Nice David Thomas footage... Must have been hard to track that one down. Hard to believe Scott Chandler ever got a TD (and yet he got 4). Man he was a disappointment. Malcolm Mitchell...what could've been
  10. taoofoj

    The Bill Belichick Coaching Tree

    Just another ESPN contrivance to whip up some good ol' fashion sports debate... Besides the laughable mischaracterization of Saban's post-BB coaching success, there is some irony in judging BB disciples based on their initial success as HCs when BB had a mediocre first run as a HC himself...
  11. taoofoj

    WEEI: Midday with the Big O (and Merloni and Fauria) NOW IN PM DRIVE TIME!

    I started listening to EEI ~2000 so I missed this A-Team you speak of, but it is hard to fathom a worse program than Mustard & Johnson. There is unlistenable (for me that's K&C, F&M but YMMV), and then there's the soulsucking experience of a show that is completely devoid of talent and not...
  12. taoofoj

    RIP Toucher and Rich Show ... It was fun while it lasted

    The Simmons tweet was perplexing and of extremely poor quality. It was chum in the water and Fred obliged. 'How can anyone be friends with him...this is the kind of thing that ends relationships...' I also enjoyed Rich's 'YOU'RE not THE king' - Simmons must be like 'how did I not think of...
  13. taoofoj

    RIP Gil Santos (unfortunately you won't find his reads for the Trojan condoms ads) Truly the voice of the Patriots.
  14. taoofoj

    RIP Toucher and Rich Show ... It was fun while it lasted

    Exactly... whenever T&R (Fred) pulls this stuff it smacks of ripoff Stern. 'My crew is inept!! How hard is it to find good help these days!!' It's just not funny. Fred is talented enough to not have to resort to this kind of hack radio. That said, I will admit I enjoyed the Tucker Silva...
  15. taoofoj

    30 for 30

    I loved the Parcells / BB interview when Parcells was with the media and BB was coach of the Browns. Parcells referring to the cutoff BB gear, paraphrasing: I see you did some customizing. Couple slices, looks good :fonz:
  16. taoofoj

    BBtL Discussion: Slated for Off-season

    I think part of this is that the last ~5 years Pats fans have been expecting the Brady / BB ride to end at some point 'soon.' In 2004 Brady was 27 and won 3 SBs already. He still had half his career in front of him. Now it's SB or bust every year partially because of the elevated expectations...
  17. taoofoj

    The Patriot of the Week Thread: Divisional Round vs Titans

    Lewis Amendola D Line ...all win Patriot of the Week. Sorry Brady. Dilly Dilly
  18. taoofoj

    This year's ESPN hit piece

    Agree but his small detail f-up is being featured as the headline Patriot of the Week just sounds so dumb and fake. It's like it was...
  19. taoofoj

    RIP Toucher and Rich Show ... It was fun while it lasted

    Fred is best when he’s not talking about the Pats, Sox, or Cs. He acts like it’s his duty to be the cold dose of reality for all the delusional homers out in listenerland. He takes it too far carrying that mantle and is too predictably critical of the Boston teams. His Tatum takes have been...